Why You Should Get Custom Hooded Fishing Shirts

Why You Should Get Custom Hooded Fishing Shirts

You’re putting in the effort to find the best custom fishing shirt: why not add a hood? 

The best fishing shirts feature sun-protective hoods and custom images to keep you cool and stylish on the water. To make sure you’re properly outfitted for the next big catch, we reel in the latest research on fishing shirt technology and identify 3 reasons why you should add a custom hooded fishing shirt to your shopping list.

Best Hooded Fishing Shirts

True to our name, we believe custom fishing hoodies are one of the best items that an angler can have in their closet. If you’re in the market for a personalized and performance-ready fishing shirt, looking for these 3 design elements will ensure that you’re satisfied with your newest piece of fishing apparel. 

Sun Protection

A performance hooded fishing shirt should be made with comfortable Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ material. UPF indicates how much UV radiation penetrates your clothing and reaches your skin. The higher the UPF, the better the fabric blocks UV rays to keep your skin safe from the sun's harmful rays. 

In tandem with UPF technology, the best sun shirts for fishing utilize the logic of more skin covered = more skin protected. To abide by this fisherman's formula, look for protective long sleeves - and of course, a hood - to cover a larger percentage of your skin. When choosing your custom fishing shirt, also note that dark or bright colors actually protect your skin by absorbing UV rays rather than allowing them to penetrate the fabric.

At Custom Captain, you can choose from a range of bright colors to enhance your custom dri-fit fishing hoodie. In keeping with guidelines from the Skin Cancer Foundation, our popular boat shirt utilizes SPF 50 material to block harmful UV rays. With one of our sun-protective hoodies, you can represent your local port and favorite boat with a performance-ready fishing hoodie. Pair your new hooded fishing shirt with a neck gaiter, and your skin will be fully protected for an active day of angling. 

Our custom dri-fit fishing hoodie

Breathable Fabric

Ideally, your UPF 50+ hooded fishing shirt is designed with lightweight yet durable microtech fabric. The moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties of microtech, polyester, and other lightweight materials will prevent strong odors and keep you dry. The best fishing hoodie designs keep moisture and microbes in mind: in addition to microtech and polyester, look for fishing shirt keywords such as Quick Dry, Cool Dri, and Omni-Wick. All are well-researched fabric technologies that will withstand the tests of time, water, and competitive angling.

You can’t go wrong with any of our custom fishing hoodies, which use Dri-Fit to keep you cool and dry on the boat or while hanging out on the dock. Ultimately, the key to a high-quality fishing shirt is breathable fabric, which keeps steady airflow throughout the garment.

Our custom dri-fit boat shirt - with protective long sleeves!

Ease of Movement

It’s important to note how much you move while on the water. Your performance fishing hoodie should reflect the speed and agility required to catch your next fish. When shopping for a custom fishing shirt, look for reinforced stitching and lightweight fabric that will allow you to move comfortably through the motions of fishing. The best hooded fishing shirts are designed for moving and forgetting, allowing you to pursue your fish without a second thought toward the clothes on your body. 

As you get to know yourself as an angler, you’ll develop a better sense of which fishing shirt styles are best for you. Some anglers prefer a loose and relaxed fit for ultimate comfort, while others opt for a closer-fitting athletic cut that meshes movement with fashion. 

Featuring Fish Hippie's 40 + SPF performance fishing shirt (Image Source).

Custom Boat Art

A personalized logo or custom drawing of your boat will elevate your everyday fishing shirt. At Custom Captain, we're well-versed in creating a variety of custom fishing shirts and gear for the avid angler. Simply snap a high-quality photo of your boat, send it to our talented team of artists, and wait 3-5 business days for a piece of digital boat artwork to customize your newest fishing hoodie.  

In Conclusion: Custom Hooded Fishing Shirts are the Best Shirts

Sun protection, high-quality fabric, ease of movement, and custom boat art: these are the essential ingredients of custom hooded fishing shirts. If you’re wondering how to design custom boat shirts, Custom Captain’s streamlined process makes it easy for you to take your basic fishing shirt or hoodie to the next level.