Our goal at Custom Captain is to make custom apparel and gear accessible for all boaters. No more intense and expensive design processes, no more minimum order quantities. Every boater, from the pros to the weekend warriors, should be able to have high quality custom gear for themselves, their crew and families. With Custom Captain we bring the whole process under one roof and make it simple.

We are no strangers to life on the water. Connor grew up boating with his family off of the Jersey Shore and Nick spends his summers in Marblehead, MA sailing with friends. The boating world is a very tight knit community which has made the success of The Custom Captain so special and as a team of boating enthusiasts.   

 We are a USA based company with a team member in every time zone across the country! So whether you’re sportfishing off the coast of Florida, taking the pontoon boat out in a lake in Montana, sailing off the coast of California, or just docked at a local waterfront bar in Massachusetts, we’re somewhere around the corner.

-Connor & Nick

Owners of Custom Captain