How To Design Custom Fishing Shirts

How To Design Custom Fishing Shirts

Whether you're a life long fisherman or you just bought your first boat last week, it's never a bad time to begin designing your own custom fishing shirts.

The tough part about creating personalized shirts is that it's usually a mess of a process. You have a designer create your logo, you have your local screen printer print the shirts, and by the end of it all, you're left working with 5 different people who each think you have a different goal.

Lucky for you, if you're reading this that means you've found the solution to creating Custom Boat Gear – with Custom Captain.

Find A Photo Of Your Boat

The first step to getting your personalized fishing shirts is to find a photo of your boat that captures the entire hull of the boat.

We recommend using this guide for your boat photo.

The key elements are:

  • Have your entire boat in the photo
  • Don't have your boat too far away
  • Avoid docks/people blocking the boat
  • Avoid blurry photos

A photo like the one below would be perfect:

Fishing Boat

Create Your Custom Boat Graphic

The steps here are simple.

Upload your boat photo onto the Custom Captain's boat upload page.

Once there, you can add in any details like your logo, hailing port, or the name of your fishing boat.

You can also choose between boat line art or a full color boat graphic design.

Whichever style you choose will go on your custom fishing shirts!

The best part is, once this is done, you have unlimited revisions before approving your design!

Custom Boat Design

Select Your Custom Boat Shirt Size

You can begin shopping around our custom performance fishing shirts to deck out you and your entire crew in Custom Captain apparel.

We use your previous order number to locate your artwork, and then depending on the shirt type we can print on the front & back. We offer everything from Dri-Fit love sleeves to heavy duty cotton T-Shirts.

Custom Boat Shirts

Shop Dozens Of Personalized Fishing Accessories

Once you're happy with your shirts, you can shop from 20+ other items ranging from custom boat drinkware to custom dock mats.