How to Create a Custom Drawing of Your Boat

How to Create a Custom Drawing of Your Boat

Scroll through any serious boat owner’s cell phone, and it’s likely they’ll have several photographs of their boat - if not an entire album dedicated to their favorite vessel. Using digital vector art, any of these photographs can be transformed into a high-quality drawing of a boat to print on posters, shirts, mugs, masks, and more. At Custom Captain, we strive to make custom boat art that is accessible and functional, with products that cater to a wide-ranging community of boat lovers and fishermen. 

Regardless of what you’re searching for, one of the most meaningful gifts for any boat owner is an artistic interpretation of their ship. Our skilled artists transform the best photographs of your boat into custom artwork in digital vector format - so pull out your phone or camera, put on your photographer hat, and send us your best snaps. Whether you’re looking for a fishing graphic to dress up your go-to mug, a fishing t-shirt design, or simply a framed drawing of a boat, look no further than our streamlined guide to receive a truly striking design.  


Where to get a drawing of my boat


Step 1: Find your favorite boat photo – and be sure to include the full image!


If you’re in the market for a drawing of your boat, yacht, or the vessel of your favorite boat owner, Custom Captain’s creative team will produce a beautiful image to elevate your personal art gallery and boating gear. If you're a first-time customer, begin by uploading a high-quality photograph of your boat which will be transformed into either a line drawing or a full color design - your choice!

To guarantee a top-notch boating or fishing graphic, check out our 5 tips for taking the best photo of your boat. You can supplement our tips with advice from expert boat photographers: professionals recommend taking photos early or late for the best lighting, and note that the most popular photo of a boat is a three-quarter stern shot taken from a higher level. 


Step 2: Our creative team will work with you to complete the boat drawing of your dreams.


After receiving your photo, our artists do the hard work for you. Our designers carefully draw your boat in digital vector format and then email a high-resolution image proof; from here, you can request unlimited revisions until you're completely satisfied with the artistic rendering. Below, we answer some FAQ's from customers to further simplify your creative process. 

How do I get a boat logo?

Custom Captain can create a logo for you using your boat name, port name, and font of choice. If you’re a graphic design whiz and already have your own logo, you’re welcome to upload it with your boat photograph and our designers will incorporate your artistry into the final image. 

Maybe you just purchased a boat and took a great photograph to wow your fellow boaters - but you still can’t decide on a name. When it comes to naming your nautical newborn, boaters recommend keeping it brief and personally meaningful - and don’t shy away from puns. With a punchy boat name and clear photograph, we’ll whip up a custom boat design for you in 5-6 business days. Afterwards, you’re set to purchase a custom set of apparel (and perhaps wine tumblers and pint glasses) to get you through this next boating season. 

What are the different fishing graphic designs I can choose from?

If you’re interested in designing your own logo and need inspiration for your fishing graphic design, Custom Captain’s customer reviews and Instagram page include photographs of past boating graphics to help you develop your artistic vision. Our artists have designed countless boats of various models and colors, accompanied with the appropriate fonts and port information to fulfill the unique needs and style of each customer.  

While the concept of “artistic vision” might feel like a faraway land, don’t hesitate to pull out the metaphorical easel when selecting the color and style of your boat or fishing graphic. Full color designs tend to be bolder and, of course, brighter, and might be better suited on a light- or white-colored product. Alternatively, a black-and-white yacht drawing will pop on a brightly colored fishing t-shirt; even a simple line drawing on a white shirt creates a clean and professional aesthetic. Whatever your vibe, our artists will work with you until your custom artwork is officially seaworthy. 

Step 3: Head to our merch store to shop for custom products and showcase your new design. 


Whether it’s a yacht drawing or a portrait of your old fishing dinghy, we are committed to producing a beautiful and memorable image that can be printed on a variety of custom boat gear. Once your drawing is in our system, our merch store is your oyster: select from a variety of gear and apparel including custom dri-fit boat shirts, boat koozies, dock mats, and even wine tumblers, and return for more! Our products are ideal for holiday gifts, replacing old boating apparel with high-quality alternatives, and even last-minute birthday gifts for a captain who seems to have everything.


Where can I order custom fishing shirts?

Among a wide selection of durable products and apparel, our custom boating and fishing shirts are incredibly popular among our customers - and for good reason. The dri-fit material is light and breathable and utilizes SPF 50 technology to block harmful UV rays. If we had just two words to describe our shirts, we’d go with custom and comfortable: at Custom Captain, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort or quality for a healthy dose of personality. After uploading the necessary information and working with our artists to finalize a boating or fishing t-shirt design, you’re ready to order our custom shirts in any or all of our sporty color offerings: white, gray, teal, green, or yellow. You can even print the custom graphic on both sides to flaunt your boat from all angles. Custom Captain also offers women’s shirts and a basic cotton t-shirt to ensure that each crew member feels comfortable in their gear. 

Don’t hesitate to order matching shirts for your entire crew: Custom Captain ships quickly (within 4-5 business days) and consistently updates customers on their order status. If you’re concerned about maintaining any of your new shirts in the offshore elements, fear not: we design our shirts with wear and tear in mind and respond promptly to any questions about product quality and longevity. Custom Captain is grateful for its recurring customers who continue to support us: above all, we’re known for our fast shipping, responsive and detail-oriented customer service, and superior quality and workmanship. 


Step 4: Share the love with other boaters - and yourself - and keep coming back for more merch!


At Custom Captain, our goal is to make custom boat artwork and fishing graphics that are beautiful, accessible, and versatile: no art-world elitism or fine art pricing! By working with our artists and customer service team, the only things you’ll need to create a custom drawing of a boat are a clear photograph and perhaps your favorite color - or select them all if you’re purchasing for an entire crew or simply indecisive (we won’t judge).

After you’ve finalized your custom design, don’t forget to show yourself a bit of love when browsing the Custom Captain merch store. Personal gifts and add-ons are encouraged, so equip yourself with the best gear after you’ve outfitted your crew. In the world of custom boat art, we’re your go-to people: starting today, we’re ready to create incredible artwork and apparel that you’ll be able to use and admire for years of boating ahead.