What Should You Wear Deep Sea Fishing?

What Should You Wear Deep Sea Fishing?

If you’re planning a deep sea fishing trip this summer, it’s time to check your closet. Deep sea fishing requires time, gear, and the proper apparel to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your deep sea or offshore adventure

For newbies to fishing, a lack of deep sea fishing apparel should never be a reason for despair. Amateur anglers can reframe their nerves as an opportunity to learn about - and shop for! - the best deep sea fishing gear. As your skills and closet expand, you’ll eventually feel ready to tackle the deepest waters. 

What to Wear Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Sunscreen

Before you even put on your clothes for deep sea fishing, it’s time to slather on the sunscreen. Anglers should aim for an SPF 50+ sunscreen, which blocks 98% of Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays: the ones that burn your skin. If you’re looking for sunscreens specifically designed for fishing, check out the angler-approved Reeler’s Shield sunscreen line, which boasts high water resistance and a non-greasy feel. 

Deep Sea Fishing Shirts 

Any experienced angler knows that deep sea fishing trips call for many hours on the boat, many of which are spent in direct sunlight. Before leaving the shore, check the weather - and then check it again. Because weather on the deep sea can be unpredictable, deep sea fishing crews should always pack extra clothing in their dry bags or another accessible place on the boat. Colder conditions call for layers, while a long-sleeved dri-fit shirt can keep anglers cool and covered on a hot day. 

At Custom Captain, our anglers keep their dri-fit custom boat shirts close at hand - or, better yet, on their bodies - during long offshore trips. Our boat shirt is designed with deep sea fishing in mind: it’s moisture-wicking, water resistant, and made with SPF 50 material. 

Angler wearing dri-fit custom boat shirt

Offshore Fishing Bottoms

When you’re deep sea fishing, your pants are just as crucial as your top. Similar to fishing shirts, your deep sea fishing pants can vary in style and length depending on the weather. We’re fans of long yet breathable pants that can be layered over swim trunks for a spontaneous dip in the ocean. Look for sports fishing pants - such as Columbia’s Silver Ridge Convertible pants - that dry quickly and provide UPF 50 sun protection. While fishing shorts are a no-brainer on warm days, don’t forget the fishing sunscreen on your knees and calves. 


Like your shirts, it’s best to check the weather and pack extra fishing shorts and pants. Purchasing your favorite deep sea fishing apparel in multiples is an excellent way to keep extras on board - and save your future self the stress of an unexpectedly choppy, windy, or otherwise freezing day. 

On Your Head & Neck

If you’re deep sea fishing without a hat and a fishing neck gaiter, you’re signing up for a sunburn. To maximize your sun protection and overall comfort, we recommend a wide-brimmed sun hat with UPF 50 material. One of the best hats for fishing is GearTop’s Navigator Series Fishing Hat: it’s light, breathable, and perfect for deep sea fishing as well as gardening and hiking. If you’re rocking plenty of sunscreen and a full head of hair, a fishing visor might make the cut. 

If you’re not a hat person, a fishing hoodie and a neck gaiter make a winning combination. The best hooded fishing shirts feature sun protection, breathable fabric, and easy movement: three essential features of deep sea fishing apparel. At Custom Captain, our custom dri-fit fishing hoodie also displays a personalized drawing of your boat: a major upgrade from your basic fishing tee!

Deep Sea Fishing Shoes and Gloves

Bare fingers - and, worse yet, bare feet - haunt the dreams of deep sea anglers. In three words: don’t do it.

If you’re planning regular deep sea adventures, anglers recommend purchasing a durable set of fishing gloves. The Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves by KastKing are highly recommended: they’re specially designed for professional offshore fishing guides and feature anti-slip palms, microfiber design, and removable fingertips to enable fine motor movements while protecting you from the marine elements. 

Moving to the shoe department: like gloves, shoes for deep sea fishing should be anti-slip with sturdy rubber soles and breathable material. In general, aim for the Goldilocks principle: not too hot, not too cold, and certainly not too tight. For anglers looking for a versatile shoe to move from the seas to the shores, Helly Hansen’s Ahiga V4 Hydropower Sneakers come highly recommended due to their lightweight design and sleek, sailor-approved aesthetic. 

Other Apparel for Deep Sea Fishing

On the open ocean, a fishing raincoat and a pair of polarized sunglasses will become part of the crew. Raincoats are ideal for choppy waters and drizzly days. If you want to step up your rain game, consider a pair of fishing bibs to keep you extra dry and increase your on-the-go storage options with chest and cargo pockets. Regardless of the weather, polarized sunglasses for fishing will protect your eyes and keep you focused on the most important thing: the next catch.

Finding the best apparel for deep sea fishing takes time, research, and a few trips on the boat to determine what you really need. Whether you’re a pro deep sea angler or just getting started, make sure you’re covered from top to bottom with sun-protective, durable, and customized fishing apparel. Like many fishing secrets, it's simple but true: the best deep sea anglers look the part.