7 Pieces of Offshore Fishing Apparel You Need

7 Pieces of Offshore Fishing Apparel You Need

Combine wild weather conditions, intense physical demands, and big game fish, and you have yourself a standard day of offshore fishing. Experts and new-timers both know that the success of an offshore trip depends tremendously on the quality of your deep-sea fishing apparel - second only to the size of your catch. Considering the plethora of apparel on the market, however, finding the right gear can be as intimidating as planning and executing your next journey.

Our list of must-have offshore fishing apparel manages the work for you, pooling the collective wisdom of seasoned captains and deckhands. We place our trust in the folks who have spent countless hours searching for deep sea gems, helping us identify the tried-and-true products of deep-sea fishing apparel. 

Best Offshore Fishing Apparel

Grundéns: Fishing Bibs 

Whether you’re searching for your first pair of fishing bibs or looking to replace a beloved but well-worn pair, Grundéns has you covered. These waterproof and stain-resistant trousers are a practical and affordable investment for anyone who foresees many years of offshore fishing ahead. Designed with both fishing and weather in mind, these bibs are constructed from durable nylon fabric with a waterproof breathable barrier and water-resistant finish, so you can move comfortably and flexibly with a mug of coffee in one hand and a fishing rod in the other. Adjustable, 100% waterproof, and equipped with chest storage and cargo pockets for easy access to your next snack or loose tackle, Grundéns bibs are a trusted brand among both recreational and professional fishermen. For style points, Grundéns offers bibs in several colors (including a rugged camo print) and assorted bibs and other apparel in both men’s and women’s sizing.

Grundéns Weather Watch Fishing Bib Trousers

PELAGIC: Aquatek Performance Fishing Shirt

Simple yet sophisticated, a designated fishing shirt is a must-have for those spending many hours in intense (and often dicey!) weather conditions. This performance shirt by PELAGIC recognizes the importance of top-notch deep-sea fishing apparel. The durable PELAGIC shirt offers a UPF 50+ barrier from damaging UV rays while keeping fishers cool and comfortable with its moisture wicking properties. As experienced captains know all too well, offshore fishing inevitably involves sea salt spray, sudden gusts of wind, and those stubborn fish stains - which is why we appreciate this shirt’s durable water repellency (DWR) treatment and stain release technology. Committed wearers of this shirt note its lightweight feel and comfortable fit. Importantly, PELAGIC is equally committed to the trendiness and accessibility of their deep-sea fishing apparel: this particular shirt is available in six seaworthy colors, and their performance fishing shirts are also widely available in women’s sizing.

Aquatek Performance Fishing Shirt Big Image - 1

INFI: Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women 

You’re on the boat, perhaps miles from the shore at this point - and you just realized you forgot your sunglasses. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of squinting into the sun for hours while searching for your next catch, you understand the crucial role of sunglasses in an offshore fishing wardrobe. These polarized sunglasses are designed to provide superior protection in any outdoor situation, helping you excel at your game while minimizing eye fatigue and long-term sun damage. Their lightweight yet durable square frames are designed to fit a wide variety of face shapes with timeless style. The high-definition polarized lenses are made of nylon, providing a sharper and clearer view as you navigate the waters and hopefully reel in your catch. For those who have even the slightest tendency to break their sunglasses, fear not: INFI designs these lenses for extreme flexibility and high impact resistance, making them an ideal choice for even the nastiest day at sea. The sunglasses can be worn comfortably all day, and the included case and strap minimize the likelihood of losing or forgetting your precious cargo before pulling away from the shore.

8508 970X600

Hook and Tackle: Fish Collage Fishing Backpack 

The next addition to your deep-sea fishing apparel collection puts the “fun” into functional. This stylish yet sporty backpack is embellished with a collage of tuna, tarpon, marlin, bull dolphin, and sailfish, making it the go-to bag for your upcoming offshore trip. The high denier ballistic polyester adds durability, while a large main compartment and secondary compartment - both with zipper access - give you plenty of space to stash gear quickly. Hook and Tackle utilizes laser technology to ensure that every detail of this backpack is precise and accurate, including its molded plastic handle and a comfortable foam padded back panel to help you haul tackle, snacks, and other offshore essentials: among them, water! This backpack is a proud member of Hydration Nation, featuring two side mesh water bottle pockets to encourage healthy hydration while spending hours away from the shore.

Fish Collage Fishing BackpackKastKing: Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

If you’re anyone who deals with fish on a semi-regular basis, good fishing gloves are a given. These heavy-duty hand savers are crafted for professional offshore guides, deckhands, captains, and enthusiastic hobbyists alike. KastKing designs their gloves with fleece lined backing, neoprene and microfiber palms, and hook and loop wrist closures for a snug fit. The anti-slip palms are constructed of microfiber, extending the life of the gloves as well as your grip strength in any weather condition. And if you need to communicate with the onshore world while coasting the deep seas, the special material in the fingertips allows you to tap on your touch screen without exposing your fingers to the elements. To enable other fine motor movements like changing hooks or baits, the gloves open slightly at the tips for easy access to your baits or hooks. Innovative yet affordable, gloves are a fundamental part of offshore fishing apparel, allowing boaters to use their fingers quickly and nimbly in the presence of rain, sleet, and even snow. 

Huk: Next Level 10.5" Fishing Shorts 

For offshore fishermen, there are few worse things than perpetually wet clothes. Even in warmer weather, quick drying materials are a must, which is why we’re adding this pair of high stretch shorts to our list of deep-sea fishing apparel. The Huk Next Level 10.5" fishing shorts feature stain release and anti-microbial fabric, partnered with SPF 30 to protect wearers from the wear and tear of long, sunny days on the boat. Their adjustable waistband helps you move comfortably on the boat or after a post-catch dinner, and the zippered back pocket and cargo pocket ensure easy storage of handheld items. For feminine fishers, these top-selling shorts are also available in women’s sizing with the same favorite features. Frequent wearers of these shorts claim they never wear any other pair, so consider collecting the shorts in every color after trying out your first purchase.

XTRATUF: Performance Series 6" Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots

If your goal is to remain dry, comfortable, and upright while facing a variety of weather conditions and handling heavy fish, XTRATUF boots will help you land an impressive catch without slipping overboard. These 100% waterproof rubber ankle boots are durable and flexible enough to handle quick movements, wet decks, and long stretches of time on your feet. They include breathable mesh liners that minimize odor and dampness, and their slip resistant chevron outsoles keep you standing strong while preventing shoe marks on your deck. In the world of offshore fishing apparel, XTRATUF boots are proof that a good investment in your feet is an even better investment in your fishing.