How to Design Your Own Boat Crew Shirts

How to Design Your Own Boat Crew Shirts

There’s no question: every captain needs a captain shirt. The real question is how to design boat crew shirts for both the captain and crewmates. With our creative team on your side, it’s a smoother process than you’d expect. Personalized boat shirts are just on the horizon - so begin your voyage with these four simple steps. 

Two boaters wearing personalized boat shirts

1. Snap a photo of your favorite boat.

Whether it’s a friend’s or your own, most boats are naturally photogenic. Optimize your boat’s natural beauty by taking its photograph in clear lighting, usually early in the morning or timed with golden hour. For our boat crew shirts, one of the most popular photo angles is a three-quarter stern shot. That said, captains are encouraged to snap a photo of their favorite vessel from an angle that best captures its design and personality.  

  • Calling all amateur photographers: if you're feeling extra creative, feel free to send us an unconventional photo of your vessel, including boat photos with pets and people. Whatever the challenge, we are excited to transform your vision for a custom captain's shirt into a reality. 

2. Send your boat photo to our artists.

Our artists will recreate the boat photo in digital vector format, resulting in a beautiful and accurate drawing of your boat. For an even more personalized captain shirt, consider sharing a boat logo or favorite nautical quote with our creative team. If you’re a new boat owner and have yet to create a boat logo, don’t stress: with your boat name, port name, and font of choice, our graphic designers can create a custom logo for your boat crew shirts. At Custom Captain, our ultimate goal is to create unique captains’ gear for both captains and crewmates to enjoy. 

3. With your crew's approval, stock up on custom captains’ gear!

Custom Captain's graphic design team offers unlimited revisions to ensure that your custom boat drawing meets the standards of the pickiest captain. Once you're 100% satisfied with the custom boat line drawing, it's time to stock up on personalized boat shirts for everyone on board.  

Custom Captain's custom pullover boat hoodie

Our returning customers have several fan favorites, including our personalized boat shirts designed with dri-fit SPF 50 material. They’re available in 5 different colors and 6 different sizes to suit every member of your crew. 

In addition to personalized boat shirts for the team, consider purchasing an extra-special captain shirt to distinguish the leader of the boat. A drawing of the captain’s first ship on their boat shirt, for example, is both a practical and sentimental way to celebrate a favorite captain.

4. Don’t stop with boat crew shirts!

Once you have a custom boat drawing at your disposal, you can start a collection of high-quality captains’ gear to prepare for the summer ahead. Custom Captain’s streamlined process applies to any of our personalized boat shirts and other custom boat gear, including our boat koozies, hoodies, mugs, and indoor/outdoor dock mats. 

When you’re designing your own boat crew shirts, don’t hesitate to tap into your inner artist. With a custom boat logo, a nautical quote, and a curated photograph of a beloved vessel, you’ll end up with a set of personalized boat shirts that the entire crew will love.