50 Boat Logos You Can Use For Inspiration

50 Boat Logos You Can Use For Inspiration

50 Boat Logos You Can Use for Inspiration

So, you’ve decided on a boat name, but do you have a boat logo? Picking out the right lettering and graphics or logo for your boat is crucial to get that perfect look for your vessel and make it stand out from the rest. But where do you get some inspiration for boat logos if you don’t already have one?

Waiting for boat logo ideas and inspirations to come to you seems like a good plan. Until it doesn't, and you start becoming frustrated. Sometimes, logo design inspiration will hit you quickly. Unfortunately, more often than not, boat logo ideas couldn’t come fast enough. 

Whether you need a logo for your fishing boat, yacht, sailboat, riverboat, speedboat, or even your kayak, this list of boat logos will give you tons of ideas fast, so your boat is naked without a logo no more! You can stop chasing for some inspiration and let logo ideas come to you. 

Come, take a peel, and get your pick from our list of 50 of the most creative and cool boat logos. 

Nautical Font Logo Ideas

You don't have to go for more complicated designs to get the best boat logos. Sometimes, the simpler, the better. If minimalistic boat logo designs appeal to you, check out these font logo ideas inspired by sailors, sand, and sea themes. These nautical fonts will add a sense of adventure to the boat logos you’re working on. 

Boeticher Font

Boat Logo Font

It is one of the best ornamented and nautical-friendly typefaces you can check out for some cool nautical font logo ideas. Plus, it’s free to use should you want to choose it for your boat logo and graphics.

VTKS Morphetics 2

Boat Logo Font

Think about a font logo for your boat that screams rustic, distressed, and vintage – this one is it! It’s stylish and bold and will give your boat a trademark logo. 

Sailor’s Fat Tattoo Script 

Boat Logo Font

This one is a sea-loving aesthetic font, a unique typeface that gives you a nautical rope slash pirate tattoo vibe.  It’s perfect if you’re going for a retro font logo for a boat.

The Ropest Font

Rope Font For Boat Logo

You can always combine a cool font and nautical elements in one to create an attention-grabbing boat logo, which the Ropest Font can give you. It features a simple but unmistakably nautical aesthetic with the nautical rope font. You won’t go wrong with this one. 

Oceania Font

Oceania Font

Unique, playful, and wavy like the dancing ocean waves. This font style will give your boat logo some beach tropical freshness. Plus, those fishhook features are perfect for fishing boat logos. 

The Salvador Typeface

Salvador Boat Logo 

If you want to pay a little extra, this layered nautical font gives a hand-painted look that can keep your boat logo pop. With the right color combination, it will give you a classically old-school boat logo vibe. 

Boats and Sailing Themed Logo Ideas

Nothing screams more nautical for any boat logo than a boat illustration and graphics itself. Check out some boat-themed logos, from flat graphics to more illustrative designs to give you varying degrees of realism to inspire your next boat logo. There are various types of boats you can choose from as well, perfect for whatever kind of vessel you have. 

Vibrant Sailboat


Make your boat logo fun and vibrant like this logo inspiration – reminiscent of the fun and enjoyable days while sailing in the vast ocean. The four sails and the cloudy background even add to the appeal and would surely make any logo stand out. 

Line Sailboat 

Line Sailboat 

Clean, sleek, and sophisticated. This boat logo may be made with simple white lines, but it’s unmistakable, especially with the line waves at the bottom of the sailboat. You can even add a dark-colored water/ocean background to make the bright-line design pop even more for your logo.

Vintage Boat

 vintage Sailboat

Go vintage with your boat logo. Take this logo, for example, simple, quite minimalistic, but the cream-colored background makes the sailboat pop. 

Watercolor Sailboat

 Watercolor Sailboat Logo

Perfect for the artistic type of boat owner. Who doesn’t want to go sailing in the boat? 

Old-school Boat

 old School boat logo

It’s a cool logo design if you want something old-school and antique sailor vibe, complete with the black and purple stripe background. 

Viking Ship

 viking boat logo

viking ship logo


Set sail with the coolest boat logo – nothing beats a stylistic and formidable Viking ship when it comes to boat logo designs. You can go for a monochrome style with bold red or blue or something more pirate-y. 


speedboat logo


speedboat logo

speedboat logo 

Are you looking for specific speedboat logo ideas? These logo ideas will inspire you, whether you prefer a monochrome logo, the classic blue and white nautical palette, or something more colorful and vibrant. 

The Kraken

 The Kraken Boat Logo

Boats go to different kinds of adventure and sail through the roughest territories. It only fits that your ride gets the toughest-looking logo there is – a Kraken-themed logo. Get inspired by these Kraken illustrations and logo designs for your boat. 

Pirate Ship

 pirate ship logo


Pirate ships are one of the most versatile and popular options for boat logos – something to make your boat or brand memorable! You can either choose a pirate ship silhouette for the logo something more elaborate. Here’s the tip – you won’t go wrong either way! Pirate ship logos will always make a splash. 

Sailing Yacht

 Sailing Logo

Whether you have a beautiful yacht that needs an equally beautiful logo or if you run a tour or travel agency, these yacht logo designs will inspire you with some awesome boat logos. 

Captains and Sailors Logo Designs

Aye, aye, Captain! Besides the classic boat-themed logos, captains and sailors in their uniforms make a fantastic icon for any boat logo. They can either look intimidating and angry or fun-loving, but here’s what they have in common (one thing they will never go without) – a sailor’s hat! 

Pirates Themed Logos

 Captain Logo

 Captain Logo

Captain Logo

If you want to go to the opposite perspective or the other side of the story of captains and sailors, you can always go for pirates. They offer rich and captivating visuals for your boat logo and a versatile nautical element too. You can choose pretty basic silhouettes to colorful graphics that depict the tough and mean pirate persona. 

Nautical Themed Logos

A range of nautical items and famous maritime decorations can make boat logos cool and unmistakably on-point. Check out samples of boat logos that feature common marine symbols and sea elements to inspire your own. 



Boat Anchor Logo

Boat Anchor Logo

Boat Anchor Logo


Anchors will always come on the top list when it comes to nautical-themed logos. Everyone knows what an anchor means or what they represent. They are, by far, the most famous and recognizable ‘nautical’ shape.

Ship Wheel

Ship Wheel boat logo

Ship Wheel boat logo

Next to anchors are ship wheels, another famous nautical emblem. Whenever you see a ship’s helm in the logo, it always means a boat, sailing, or anything related to the sea, making it a perfect option for boat logos.

Nautical Compass


Nautical Compass Logo

Nautical Compass Logo



The nautical compass is another option that brings a nautical trademark to a boat logo. Most logo ideas with a nautical compass come in a one-layer, black design, but you can always let your imagination go crazy and create something more intricate. Check out some nautical compass boat logos to spark some inspiration and ideas.




Lighthouse Logo

Another famous nautical decoration! It speaks of marine life and sailing, ideal for boat logos. You can use simple-designed lighthouses for the logo or one with various colors and styles.


Bouy Logo

It’s another recognizable maritime shape and item that could go well for boat logos. Check out some examples to help you create the best boat logos with lifebuoys. 

Water and Waves Logo Themes

Water and Waves Logo

What do you think when you see water and waves in a logo? The seas and the oceans, and that’s close enough to make boat logos with! Blue sea and wave symbols are some of the famous accessories for boat logos. Although they often look the same, check out some cool water and waves logo themes to inspire you with some unique boat logo ideas.

Sea Life and Marine Animal Logos


Boat Logo


Sea Life Boat Logo

Sea Life Boat Logo


One exciting thing about boats is that they bring you a fun adventure, giving you access to the beauty under the sea. But what does that mean? Meeting all sorts of marine animals, of course. So, it would make sense to add some playful elements in a boat logo, like marine animal designs.

You can take your picks from fishes (perfect for fishing boat logos!) or whales, octopuses, jellyfish, turtles, and dolphins. But if you’re feeling more fantastical, you can also choose a boat logo with a mermaid in it.

There you have it, enough creative boat logo ideas to give you the inspiration you need. From classic boat and ship-themed illustrations to countless marine and nautical graphics, you can use a range of boat logo designs and illustrations. 

But here's the thing – you don't have to pick just one from our list of boat logos. You can combine two or more elements and gather as much inspiration to create some big logo ideas for your boat!

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