What is a good boat photo?

It's tough to get a really great photo. But it's the only way our artists can capture every detail.

Better Photos = Better Designs

Here are 5 tips to having a great photo:

Tip No 1

Have your entire boat in the photo

We spend 3-4 hours tracing every detail of your boat. But we can't trace what we can't see!

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Tip No 2

Don't have your boat too far away

Try and keep your boat close to we can capture the unique features of your boat.

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Tip No 3

Sharp images = Detailed designs

We know  sunsets are pretty.

But our artists wont be able to capture all of the details of blurry and dark images

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Tip No 4

Avoid docks & covers

We can remove some smaller obstructions (like fenders, or a piling or two) but if there is a large portion of the boat hidden by docks or covers then we can't add those details in.

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Tip No 5

Avoid Blurry photos

Clear photos (taken from a modern phone camera) work best - make sure you can read the details (like manufacturer logo) when you zoom in!

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Tip No. 6

Trailers are OK!

We love a photo of a clean boat on a trailer - we can easily take that image and make it look like its floating in the water.

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Tip No. 7

People are OK!

Don't worry about clearing off the boat for a photo. We can easily remove people from the photo, as long as they are not blocking important parts of the boat.

Note: If you would like the people INCLUDED we can do that too -- it is just an additional fee of $30 per person.

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Tip No. 8

Make sure you like the angle

We can make a LOT of tweaks to your boat's color, accessories, etc. But the one thing we can't change is the angle it's illustrated at. So make sure that the angle of the photo is the angle you want your boat illustrated at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely, and we can edit water graphics around it if you'd like

Yup! No problem, as long as they don't block the boat that's simple.

Unfortunately, no. Our artists spend 3-4 hours tracing every detail on every boat. We can't create something that isn't there!