6 Ideas For Your Next Boat Wrap

6 Ideas For Your Next Boat Wrap

When boat wraps first appeared on the market in the 1980s, fishermen and recreational boaters rejoiced. Compared to a traditional paint job, boat wraps make it easy to elevate the look and feel of your boat. Whether you’re looking for a full exterior, partial exterior, or interior wrap, there are countless boat wrap designs to meet your maintenance needs and express personal style. 

Before listing 6 creative ideas for your next boat wrap, take note: although it might be tempting to attempt a DIY boat wrap, your next boat wrap should probably be left to the pros. A homemade boat wrap is unlikely to meet professional standards unless you have the required expertise, equipment, and experience. That said, we have complete confidence in your ability to choose a striking and customized design for your next boat wrap. Check out these 6 ideas to get your boat floating in style.

Boat Wrap Designs

1. Solid Color Boat Wrap

If your primary goal is to protect your hull, a basic solid-colored boat wrap is a great idea, particularly for boaters who are new to the vast world of boat wraps. If you want a more minimalist aesthetic, consider a partial wrap to add a pop of color and a layer of protection for the most-used areas of your boat. A premium-quality vinyl boat wrap can last up to seven years if applied professionally, so even a partial wrap is a worthy investment. 

2. Wood Boat Wrap

Looking to achieve the classic wooden boat aesthetic but unable to afford an actual wooden boat? Allow your next boat wrap to tell a different story. With the right custom vinyl boat wrap, you’ll achieve the same look and feel of a custom wood boat at a fraction of the price. An expertly-applied boat wrap can reproduce the look of wood grain without the added costs and maintenance concerns of a real wood transom.

3. Promotional Boat Wrap

If you’re a business owner, using promotional imagery on your next boat wrap is a savvy way to protect your boat and advertise your business. Because your boat will often be viewed from a distance and while moving at high speeds, be sure to make the name of your business big and bold for all to see. When it’s parked at the marina or even in your driveway, your boat can function as a mini billboard for passerby, so be sure to provide contact information in smaller text for prospective customers. 

4. Boat Name Wrap 

Among all of the options for customized boat wraps, one of the most popular choices is a boat wrap that represents the name and home port of your vessel. You might choose a simple transom wrap to proudly display your vessel’s name to other boaters; or, if you have the budget, consider a full-fledged boat wrap with the boat name and port showcased on various locations on the exterior hull. When it comes to customized boat wrap designs, your options are truly endless. 

5. Artistic Graphics Boat Wrap

Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner artist when shopping for your next boat wrap. Today’s boat wrapping companies offer thousands of unique and eye-catching designs to enhance the basic bones of your boat: some of our favorite boat wrap designs include a classic wave, a camo boat wrap, and even a boat wrap inspired by Poseidon. Whatever is included in your dream boat wrap, most companies prioritize customization and strive for 100% customer satisfaction with the final boat wrap design. Take note that custom art and finishes always factor into the price of a boat wrap, so you’ll need to consider your budget when deciding on your final design.

6. Interior Boat Wrap

If you’re more interested in a boat wrap for protecting the boat and keeping it clean, an interior wrap is a smart choice for regular boaters and fishermen. Any fisherman knows that after a long day - or week - on the water, the inside of the boat can become a dumping ground for assorted tackle, fish guts, and other dirty stuff. Interior wraps make it easy to clean the inside of the boat and customize interior surfaces with eye-catching designs.

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Boat Wrap vs. Paint

If you’re still on the fence between painting and wrapping your boat, we get it: selecting the best boat wrap design can be overwhelming. To streamline your process, we’re wrapping up (quite literally) with the main pros of boat wraps. Compared to standard boat paint, we vouch for boat wraps for several reasons: 

  • Customizability: At Custom Captain, we love customized fishing gear, hooded fishing shirts, and boat wraps for fishing. A boat wrap design gives you the option to add both personality and promotional flair to your vessel. 
  • Protection: A high-quality vinyl boat wrap design will protect the original paint anywhere from 3-7 years under normal conditions.
  • Affordability: Vinyl boat wraps typically cost about a third of a marine paint job. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Especially for anglers, a boat wrap for fishing makes it easy to clean your vessel with some boat soap and water.
  • Fast Installation & Easy Removal: The pros can install and remove a boat wrap quickly and efficiently, so if you tire of the old design, it’s easy to replace it with a new one.

Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a new boat owner, we hope these 6 ideas provide creative inspiration for your next boat wrap. Customize your boat wrap design with a pop of personality, color, and maybe a bit of self-promotion, and your boat will be a stunner on the water.