The Best Boat Home Decor Products for Your Home

The Best Boat Home Decor Products for Your Home

Obsessed with boats? Well, you've come to the right spot.

We’ll even help you bring home a boat with our list of the coolest boat decors for your home!

Imagine designing and decorating your home with the one thing you love the most – boats! Whether it’s a boat portrait in the living room, that’s always a conversation starter whenever friends visit or a boat plate to serve them some snacks. Our best boat décor ideas range from cute little boat figurines to large, repurposed boat shelves and boat-style tables!

These boat home decors will surely add some waves and a lot of style to your space.

Boat Decor

Miniature Boat Models

Insert Image: Miniature Boat Models Amazon Whether you like boats, ships, or yachts, there's always one (or more) miniature boat models you can get. They can be as minimalistic or as elaborate you want, or even vintage boat models that look like the real thing! From classic white and blue sailboats to rustic brown miniature wooden ships, you can find one to fit your home's aesthetic. Plus, there are tons of ways to add some boat décor to any part of your home. Put them on the bookshelf along with your books and photo frames, place them on top of the table in your living room or even the vanity in your bedroom. Miniature boat models are fantastic for starting a collection too! Imagine getting one from all the places you went to vacation, and before long, you’ll have a bookcase full of them. That’s a nice way to decorate an empty wall space in your home!

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Boat Portrait

Custom Boat Portrait

Custom Captain Portraits and photographs are staples in home décor. They won't go out of style, and there's always someplace to hang a new artwork in your home. But instead of typical paintings, unless it’s a Monet, why don’t you get a custom digital portrait of your boat? Simply upload your boat’s photo and wait to get an email to approve the high-res file you can use for printing on posters and more! Are you thinking of redecorating your home?

Free your imagination with these awesome boat decors for your home – perfect for creating a space that speaks to your style and passion for boats!

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Sailboat Decor

Sailboat Tapestry

Insert Image: Sailboat Tapestry Amazon

Do you have some bare, neglected space in your living room or bedroom? Get yourself a printed tapestry with a nice-looking sailing boat. Tapestries are elegant home décor, a good option to style walls in whatever part of your home if you don't want paintings and typical artwork. They also come in different color schemes and sizes to match your style and the room design. You can even customize your sailboat tapestry if you have something specific in mind, a unique home décor than traditional wall paintings. But besides using your sailboat tapestry on the walls, you can also use it as a window curtain, a bedspread, canopy, or even as a tablecloth.

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Boat Home Decor

Boat in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter

Insert Image: Boat in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter Amazon

Boat in a bottle figurine is a dime a dozen. As much as they are cute and in line with your boat-themed home décor, they are not a unique option – certainly not a conversation starter if your boat-loving friends have them in their house too! But you bet a boat in a bottle whiskey decanter will make anybody ooh and ahh as soon as they see it, whether it’s displayed on your shelf, on top of the kitchen counter, or when you serve your favorite whiskey! It’s not a home décor, per se, but it could be with its beautiful craftsmanship fitted in a mahogany display stand. Whether there’s whiskey inside or not, a boat-themed decanter will make a bold impression.

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Nautical Boat Decor

Graphic Boat Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

Insert Image: Graphic Boat Throw Pillow Cushion Cover Amazon

Fill your home with simple colors and patterns without losing your taste and style! Cushions are one of the best and cuddliest ways to decorate your home. They are simple and small accessories but can transform any space into somewhere you can sit and relax. If you love boats, there are tons of comfy throw pillow cushion covers with boat graphics for you. What’s even better is the endless options in terms of style, design, and color. You can mix and match, so your boat cushions fit the furnishing like your living room wallpaper!

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Modern Boat Decor

Modern Boat Sculpture

If miniature boat models aren’t for you, how about unique boat sculptures? They are perfect modern-day accents to decorate any part of your home. Sculptures are also a remarkable way to express your style and personality, as well as your love for boats! Boat sculptures vary in style, too, perfect for matching the room's aesthetic. You can choose classical boat sculptures to go for something modern, realistic, or a little whimsical, as tiny or as massive as you want! You can place your boat sculpture on the center table, living room shelf, bedroom shelf, or the pedestal near your staircase.

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Glass Sailboat

Murano Glass Sailboat

Insert Image: Murano Glass Sailboat Etsy

If you want something more artistic, unique, and striking, a Murano Glass sailboat is a decorative artwork that can add a modern touch to your living room. They are not cheap, but authentic Murano glass sculptures are a true masterpiece! It's an excellent addition if you have a shelf of collectible boat figurines or any glass sculptures at home. They come in a collection of designs and colors, but all are beyond stylish and unique to personalize your home.

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Boat Shelf

Boat Shelf

Insert Image: Boat Shelf Etsy

It’s a functional storage space and a beautiful wall decoration in one! Perch it on top of your corner table or hang it on the wall to hold all sorts of things – a couple of succulents, pocketbooks, or your collection of smaller boat figurines! You can also hang it on the wall to hold a couple of tissues – perfect for a boat-themed bathroom. Wooden boat shelves come in different colors to match the room style, but you can always paint them if you change your mind!

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Boat Ash Tray Decor

Boat Ashtray

No matter your smoking habits, or even if you don’t even smoke, ashtrays make a fantastic home décor. They are small and can be lovingly placed anywhere and everywhere in your home. They are functional pieces, but you don’t have to use them as ashtrays. You can get all sorts of boat ashtrays, from vintage to modern designs, and place them in your side table or vanity to use as a trinket dish! Boat Wall Decals Insert Image: Boat Wall Decals Etsy Do you love boats so much that it’s the only thing you want to see in every corner of the room? How about decorating your wall with stylish boat decals? Forget about the messy application process of wallpapers. You won’t have the same problem with decorating with peel-and-stick boat wall decals. It’s the perfect way to create a big, striking design without a lot of commitment. Are you thinking of a boat-themed room for the kids? Boat decals are an easier, cheaper alternative to painting the walls.

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Boat Shelf

Boat Stand/Table

Insert Image: Boat Stand Table Etsy

Decorate your home with small accent tables, which can be a focal point in any room design scheme. One easy way to update a living room is to add the right décor or furniture, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a new couch. Adding a stylish coffee table is often enough, especially if you got one shaped like a boat! Whether you love boats or simply want to add something extraordinary to your beach house, a boat-shaped stand or table will add a certain personality to the room.

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Sun Catcher

Boat Suncatcher

Insert Image: Boat Suncatcher Etsy

Transform your windows with striking stained-glass decorations because sun catchers are making a comeback! They are the perfect retro addition to your doors and windows – anywhere where you can hang them. Boat sun catchers are stylish and colorful any time of the day, but the magic happens when the sun is around and reflects from the sun catcher. It can fill a room with a fantastic, dream-like reflection.

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Boat Blueprint Design

Antique Boat Blueprint

Insert Image: Antique Boat Blueprint Amazon

Another nifty way to decorate a home if you are a boat lover is by hanging antique boat blueprints on the wall. Vintage art is always fantastic, framed or not. Plus, blueprint drawings are designs themselves and will add an unexpected touch wherever you plan to hang them. You can use it on the wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere there’s still a place for additional artwork.

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