The 21 Best Gifts For Boaters In 2021

The 21 Best Gifts For Boaters In 2021

Any time is a good time to start looking for the best gifts for boaters. After all, true boat people will always be thinking about their next trip!

But the thing is, choosing the best gifts isn't always simple.

If you don't have any slightest idea what to get between lake lovers, fishermen, sailors, water sports enthusiasts, new boat owners, or seasoned boaters, this list is a good place to start. We've taken the liberty to come up with the ultimate boater's gift guide – complete with practical, fun, thoughtful, and unique gifts for boaters fit for all kinds of budgets. There's a fantastic array of tools, gadgets, apparel, toys, and more items to help you come up with the best boating gifts – perfect for the next trip!

You will never go wrong with any of these gift ideas for boaters – even if that boater is you!

Best Gifts for Boaters

Best Gift For Boater

Custom Captain: Personalized Boat Artwork

There's nothing more personalized than turning a boat into a real piece of art. Most boat enthusiasts – if not all – are fond of memorializing their favorite vessels. You won't go wrong with gifting them a custom portrait of their past or current boats. It's the perfect gift, whether for you or your favorite boat owner. It's easy to get your personalized boat illustration, too: upload the photo of the boat, approve the artwork, and display the finished custom boat art. It's an artwork by hand, created with incredible details, so you're in good hands. You can also choose what size of artwork to get and what type – poster only, canvas print, or a framed poster.

Best Gift For Boater

WindRider: Racing Spray Top Sailing Jacket

Heading out into the water is always fun for an avid boater. It's a new adventure every time, but when there's a chill in the air, it always limits the fun. Thankfully, you can get your favorite boat person covered and protected from the chilly air and comfortable with this top sailing jacket. They will stay dry no matter the condition, smartly designed against the harshest conditions in the open water. This sailing jacket will keep them from shivering in the wind. What's even better is that the fabric is breathable enough, giving all-day comfort. Whether there's a downpour or if the sun is harsh, this sailing jacket can keep your favorite boater protected. Not to mention, it can keep gears and essential items handy with its three secure pockets. Plus, there are reflective strips. So, if the harsh conditions come to worse, they stay highly visible for a quick rescue.

Best Gift For Boater

Better Boat: Microfiber Boat Cleaning Kit

This is certainly a practical gift that any boat captain wouldn't say no to. Cleaning supplies may not be the most glamorous boating gifts, but they are a necessity. Boat maintenance is no easy feat – just ask someone you know who has a boat! But this boat cleaning kit, complete with microfiber washcloths and a sponge bucket, makes the job easier. The captain can scrub and clean all parts of the vessel – designed for washing all surfaces, interior, and exterior – with minimal power and strain with these cleaning tools. Designed by boaters for boaters – an exceptional quality boat cleaning kit for premium quality boat care.

Best Gift For Boater

Toadfish: Non-Tipping Can Cooler

For anybody who's been out on a boat, the real struggle is not tipping off your glass of coffee, water, or whatever beverage you brought for the trip. Whether it's hot coffee or a cold energy drink, this non-tipping suction cup cooler will be a perfect companion for every boat ride. This can cooler has double-wall vacuum insulation that can keep your hot or icy beverage just that. Unlike foam can holders, this one-of-its-kind cooler can keep your refreshing drink for up to 12 hours. Designed for use sun up to sundown, it's also accident-proof and adventure-proof. The removable locking rubber gasket will keep your beverage in place – no spills, no mess, no accidents!

Best Gift For Fisherman

Reel Sonar: iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder

Even expert fishermen need a little help finding fish once in a while. Our favorite fish finder makes the top list of our best gifts for boaters – perfect for fishing dads, uncles, grandpas, and anyone who likes the game. This Bluetooth portable fish finder is one of the smallest of its kind but also the smartest. It syncs into a smartphone even from 100 feet away, locates hot spots, maps underwater structures and depth contours, saves water temperature, and finds fish. There are many reasons why we think the iBobber is one of the best boating gifts, even for fishermen who seem to have everything.

Best Gift For Boaters

YETI: Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

This wouldn’t be the ultimate list of the best gifts for boaters if we didn’t include some essentials for a boat ride, whether sailing alone or with family and friends. What good would a boat trip be without a dedicated cooler to pack the food and drinks? Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to find out with this great cooler. It's thinner and lighter than most hard coolers, so it's easier to carry around but still remains incredibly tough against harsh outdoor conditions. But that's not even the most awesome thing about this best gift for boaters. If you packed some cold drinks for a weekend in the ocean, you bet this cooler can keep them icy for a couple of days. It even floats, so no added weight on the boat or paddle board.

Cool Gifts for Boaters

Cool Gifts For Boaters

Docktail Bar: Marine Bar Organizer Caddy

One of the best parts of having a boat is taking some friends out into the water for a fun outing. The only downside? Expect a lot of mess everywhere. The boat can easily get messy with snacks and drinks spilling all over the place. After all, boat rides tend to be the bumpiest rides. Here's a simple solution – a food and cocktail table designed to fit any boat. It's an all-in-one mountable caddy with space for cups, bottles up to 1.75 liters, and other goodies – a cool gift for someone who owns a boat. Now, there's no worrying about spilled drinks anymore.

Cool Gifts For Boaters

Magma: Chef’s Mate Boat Grill

There's nothing that says ultimate than a boat master and grill master in one cool gift for boaters. This awesome boat grill takes backyard BBQ parties right into the sea or the lake. It clips right into the side of the boat, not taking too much space at all. With a mini propane tank, this boat grill provides boaters and everyone invited for the trip a perfectly grilled mealtime, anytime and anywhere – even on the ocean. Designed meticulously, this boat grill will make that picnic on the shore possible!

Cool Gifts For Boaters

HOOWAY: Waterproof/Fog Proof Military Marine Binoculars

Are you seeking cool gifts for boaters and on-the-water enthusiasts? How about something cool and useful when tackling the unstable conditions while at sea, like marine binoculars? After all, the naked eye can only see so far. Key features: waterproof, fog proof, sturdy case, robust design, and anti-slippery rubber body. This military marine binocular gives a wide field of view, so scanning the sea is so much easier. Plus, it can float, so if it slipped from your hands and into the water, you could easily retrieve it.  This rangefinder is perfect for fishing, boating, water sports, and all-around navigation.

Cool Gifts For Boater

Chasing Dory: Underwater Drone with Camera

The underwater world is a wonder, and who doesn't love a peek at it once in a while? This underwater drone makes it easier – and cooler – to see what lies under the water, giving freedom to enjoy the deep sea. DORY is easy to use, diving up to 49 feet deep, and features an HD camera for real-time viewing. Whether they are avid boaters, divers, fishermen, the Chasing Dory is the best boating gift that keeps on giving. Just like playing a drone, exploring the ocean floor and excellent underwater photography has never been more fun. It even connects to a floating Wi-Fi buoy and streams live to your mobile device and social media so you can share the fun with everyone if you like.

Cool Gifts For Boat Owner

TurnOnSport: Boat Compass

Even the best GPS can malfunction from time to time – like all things techy. With the many unknown challenges when traveling on water, without any landmarks to show the direction, this boat compass will come in handy. It's an ideal companion and a cool gift for boaters who like spending a lot of time at sea, day in and out. This boat compass features an incandescent light, remaining usable even during night boating adventures. It can also handle extreme sailing conditions, equipped with waterproof and corrosion-resistant ABS plastic material. For any boater who likes things old school, this beautiful relic is so classic and cool to say no to.

Unique Gifts for Boaters

Unique Gifts For Boat Owners

Creations & Collections: How to: Knots Mug

This gift is KNOT any average mug to drink hot coffee with, or perhaps tea. And while it’s still useful for drinking that hot beverage as they set out to the waters early in the day, this unique gift for boaters is so much more than that. It packs useful information, designed as a hands-on learning tool. Instead of a typical handle, this one has a cleat. There are a couple of lengths of rope included. Following the step-by-step guide printed on the mug surface, you can learn eight classic knots – using the rope on the cleat!

Unique Gifts For Boat Owners

Better Boat: Premium Boat Scuff Erasers

One of the many things that non-boat owners don't know about having a boat is how much maintenance is necessary to keep a boat in top shape. This pack of three scuff erasers is as simple but useful as any other boating gift there is. Any boat owner would thank you for adding to their cleaning kit – a unique one at that! Who knows a simple 'boat eraser' can get rid of any marks and dirt? This cleaning sponge can tackle everything, from grease, grime, scum, and mud in the seats, console, and deck. No harsh corrosive chemicals, no bleach, no unnecessary damagers on the boat surface! Magically wiping away scuffs from all over the exterior and interior of the boat, this boat eraser is essential to any boater's boat detailing paraphernalia.

Unique Gifts For Boaters

SHARKBANZ: Magnetic Shark Repellent Band

Keep your favorite boater safe from sharks every time they go out into the water. A trip in the sea can be nothing but unpredictable, but this band will keep them safe in worst-case scenarios. This magnetic band straps into their ankle or wrist and will deter any shark in the midst. The powerful built-in magnets are active shark deterrents, keeping them at bay – no charging or battery needed. Now, they can safely swim, surf, and dive up to 100 meters deep without worries about sharks circling around.

Unique Gifts For Boaters

Morakniv: Floating Serrated Knife

Nothing is a perfect tool for every marine adventure, whether it's for canoeing, fishing, or working close to the water, but a new floating knife. It can be frustrating to lose an essential tool in the water, especially when you need it the most. Well, that wouldn't be a problem in this new knife with a natural cork handle because it floats. It has a bright, almost neon color as well, so it's easy to find it once dropped in the water. Meanwhile, the serrated stainless-steel blade can cut all sorts of things, from ropes, nylons, and fibers – a perfect lightweight knife to add to any boater's paraphernalia.

Unique Gifts For Boaters

SeaKits: Damage Control Kit

It's all fun and games in the open water until the unpredictable weather strikes again. Then every boater would wish to have a kit that includes everything imaginable for whenever disaster strikes while out in the sea. There's not a kit more complete with essentials than this damage control kit packed in a damage-resistant case that is also dustproof and watertight. It packs everything a boat owner needs in case of emergency, and rescue is far away. It contains over 60 different tools, plugs, fasteners, and patches: a hatchet, utility knife, folding hand saw, screwdriver, a multitool, paracord, rescue tape, all sorts of sealant, ties, and many more. If you’re not sure what single thing to get a boater? This kit is perfect – giving them a little of everything.

Unique Gifts For Boaters

Ocean-Tamer: Marine Bean Bag Chair

No, it’s not your typical bean bag – it’s a new throne for the favorite boater in your life. Whether they are on the dock enjoying the sun or out in the sea fishing, this bean bag chair offers ultimate comfort. It’s perfect for relaxation and riding in style! The Ocean-Tamer will get them riding like a king without worrying for comfort with a bean bag chair designed to remain incredibly stable even in rough seas. But it’s so versatile, ideal for riding, sleeping, and even overnight boating trips – and not just on boat trips either.

Personalized Gifts for Boat Owners

Personalized Gifts For Boaters

Anchor Isle: Custom Boat Name Boat Flag

Any boat owner would agree that their boat is their pride and joy. If you are looking for personalized gifts for boat owners, a custom boat flag will make a fun decoration. I mean, what better way to get noticed while out in the water than a custom boat flag with the boat's name on it? Plus, we think that every new vessel should get a flag, and this personalized item is just fantastic – easily attached using clips and heavy-duty, water-tested fabric for maximum durability.

Personalized Gifts For Boaters

SoCal Stitches: Personalized Captain Name Baseball Cap

They can be a new boat owner or have been going on boating trips every weekend for years, but we're sure there's one thing every boater needs – a good hat. It's an essential accessory whether they are cleaning the boat in the marina or sailing into the water. A boating hat will keep them cool and comfortable when the weather is anything but, especially on hot summer days. But why would you gift them any other boat when you can get them a baseball cap with their name on it? This customized embroidered hat with the captain's name will show everyone who's in charge – and you bet any boater would love wearing this one for every trip from now on.

Personalized Gifts For Boaters

Personalization Mall: Personalized Maple Fillet Board

A true fisherman will serve whatever fish they caught with family and friends. At least until after they fillet it! If you're looking for the best gifts for boat owners and those who like to go fishing, this fillet board made of maple is a classic. It will set the stage for whatever fish they caught for the day, and who doesn't love all the details in this personalized board? There's the ruler to measure their catch plus their name etched on the fillet board.

Personalized Gifts For Boaters

Anchor Isle: Personalized ‘Boat Name’ Corkscrew

Here’s another warming gift fit every celebration – whether the party is on a boat or at home. Who wouldn’t love the functionality and the classic look of this corkscrew? Plus, you can personalize it with the name of the boat for an added flare. It’s available in multiple color options too.