Introducing Custom Captain's Pet Collection

Introducing Custom Captain's Pet Collection

Having everyone out on the boat is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A full day on the water with all your best friends is a truly amazing experience, but it seems that there is always one best friend left out; your pets! Walking out the door and turning around to see them looking at you is heartbreaking, but now there are no excuses to leave them out of your next boat trip.  Introducing The Custom Captain’s new pet collection

At The Custom Captain, the process is simple. You send in the best picture of your boat, and within a few days, we’ll send you back a gorgeous custom design of your boat, which you can then go ahead and print on over 30 products, such as our custom dog beds, pet bowls, pet mats, and bandanas. Now, your furry friends can sleep, eat, and play wherever the boat goes!

  • Why buy a regular dog bed?
    • Dog beds are everywhere and to be honest, they all usually look the same. A big square or circular piece of foam with a plain cover on top is really no fun. Let’s face it, we all love to buy our dogs new things, whether it be toys, treats, or anything else our dogs definitely NEED. If you are going to buy them a new bed, why not make the bed something special? The boat and the dog are probably the two things you love most in the world, so it’s worth combining your joys together.
White dog on dog bed
  • Give them a place to stay and eat on the boat
    • The difficulties with a boat trip often lie in preparation. When you, your partner, and all of the kids have to bring everything they’ll want or need on the boat, it ends up being a lot more than you expected.  When the dog gets added to the equation, it ends up being easier to leave them and their things behind. Having a custom set of bowls on top of a custom placemat and a nice comfy bed allows you to forget the hassle of bringing your pets gear on the boat. Now they’ll have their own little spot to eat and sleep.
Dog with food bowl
  • Comfortable for you and the dog to lay on
    • Our dog beds are made with great cushions that are extremely plush and super soft. Available in three sizes, they’re big enough to fit any size dog you have. Plus they make the perfect spot for their afternoon siesta. Getting your dog their own bed keeps them off of yours, which helps keep everything nice and clean. We all love to snuggle up with our dogs, and our beds are more than big enough for you and your dog to lie down on together. The boat can certainly get crowded, and if you’re running out of places to sit, there is no shame in just relaxing on the dog bed with a cold one in your hand.

  • Made from high quality prints and fabric
    • Our beds all come wrapped in a durable polyester and duck cotton cover, which is perfect for dogs to sleep on. You can display your boat loud and proud on a  super high quality printed cover, all with your dog curled up on top. The cover is perfectly soft and comfortable, and best of all; it’s durable. Did you let them out for a swim and now they’re soaking wet? No problem! The polyester top is tough and weather resistant, and the duck cotton bottom is waterproof, so there’s no worry of ruining their super comfy bed. After all, we know what dogs can do to beds, so we made sure that our dog beds are super tough and ready to resist whatever your dog throws at them. Just take the cover off, throw it in the washing machine, and it’ll be good as new when it comes out.
  • Matching set of Bowls and Mats
    • Our pet bowls and mats go together like cream and sugar. The perfect combination for your boat's pet feeding area, with your boat printed clearly on our pet bowls and mats, you will never have to wonder what your dog is eating and drinking out of again. Our bowls are not cheap plastic or metal - they are made from a high quality ceramic, which helps your boat and logo pop on the side. And there’s no need to worry about spills or mess either; our custom pet placemats fit right beneath the bowls, and with their moisture-wicking polyester top, they can keep everything super clean.
Dog food mat
  • We love to buy fun things for our pets!
    • Let’s be honest; we all love spending money on our pets. Whether it’s a new leash, new toys, or tons of treats, we all love to give our pets and see their reactions to our gifts. Even if they don’t really understand the concept of style, our bandanas are a great way to dress your dog up. It is hard not to spoil them at every opportunity, so we think it is the perfect way to show your love for your pet (and your boat!).
Dog wearing bandana

So now you know exactly what our custom pet products are and why they are the perfect gift for our furry friends. We are all itching to get back out on the boat soon, so why not let them experience it as well? After a long day of swimming and boating activities, we can guarantee your pet will be absolutely thrilled to have a nice spot to sleep and eat some food. 

Some of the best memories on the boat are when everyone is together, laughing and relaxing, and bringing our pets along for that experience is something we should all try to do. Seeing their reaction to a new big bed to sleep on is always a great experience, and you can make it your very own with our custom boat artwork to print on top as well as our other pet accessories.