How The Custom Captain Began

How The Custom Captain Began

What if there was a way to create epic custom boat gear for everyone? We saw this process was difficult and time consuming, and that there was a need for people to easily get custom apparel and accessories for their boat. So in 2021 the idea of The Custom Captain was born. 

Walking around any coastal town, you would see some people with custom apparel, but oftentimes it was the bigger fishing or commercial boats who could afford these kinds of things. We thought “Why can’t everyone show off their boat in the same way?” 

So we decided to create an opportunity for people to order custom designs from photos of their boats. Nothing crazy initially, just something simple that boaters could enjoy as their phone background or a framed print. An easy asset to show off to friends and family. Quickly the concept gained popularity. 

We began getting questions on if we could print shirts with their design on them, so we started experimenting with that. Fast forward to 75,000+ customers later and now we’re here.  

We are no strangers to life on the water. Connor grew up boating off of the Jersey Shore and Nick spent his summers in Marblehead sailing with friends and family. The boating world is a very tight knit community which has made the success of The Custom Captain so special.

Running The Custom Captain really is a dream job. We get to look at boats all day and make products that our customers are proud to wear. It’s not uncommon for us to receive replies from customers within minutes of emailing them as they are so excited to get their merchandise made. This excitement shows through when reading our reviews or when we see a Custom Captain shirt out in the wild and talk in person to our customers.

Our goal at Custom Captain is to make custom apparel accessible for all boaters. No more intense and expensive design processes, no more minimum order quantities. Every boater from the pros to the weekend warriors should be able to have high quality custom gear for themselves, their crew and their families. 

While our customers are the heart of who we are, our team has helped make The Custom Captain what it is today. 

We are a USA based company with team members in every time zone across the country! So whether you’re sport fishing off the coast of Florida, taking the pontoon boat out in a lake in Montana, sailing off the coast of California, or just docked at a local waterfront bar in Massachusetts, we’re somewhere around the corner.

We can’t wait to see you out on the water, 

Nick and Connor