Gifts for New Boat Owners

Gifts for New Boat Owners

A new boat represents a big milestone. If you have no idea what to buy for a new boat owner, you've come to the right place.

At Custom Captain, we understand that not all new boaters are alike. As discussed in our ultimate checklist for new boat owners, there are some must-haves for all captains; but there are other ways to celebrate your loved one’s new vessel with unique gifts that suit their needs, style, and vibe. Spanning from personal to practical, these 9 gifts for new boat owners will ensure a safe - and perhaps even stylish - maiden voyage.

What to Buy a New Boat Owner

1. Custom Captain: Custom Boat Gear

At Custom Captain, we combine the personal with the practical. If you’re a first-time customer, our artists will take a high-quality photograph of your loved one’s new boat and transform it into a digital vector drawing. The custom boat art can be printed on a variety of products including dri-fit boat shirts, masks, puzzles, and water bottles. Any of our custom boat gear make excellent individual or group gifts for an entire crew of new boaters. In addition to our boating apparel and gear, consider framing the high-resolution boat art for your loved one to display onboard or at home.

2. Sperry Brand: Authentic Original Boat Shoes 

New boat, new you. Live out this fashion-forward mantra with a new pair of Sperry boat shoes, which are equal parts functional and fashionable. The Authentic Original style features Ortholite® cushioning, a non-marking and no-slip rubber outsole, genuine hand-sewn moccasin construction, and availability in both men’s and women’s sizes. These boat shoes possess a classic cool that transforms any outfit - and any new boat owner into a seasoned sailor. Customers mention Sperry’s generous return policy and unbeatable quality, so expect your gift recipient to enjoy these boat shoes for years to come.

3. Scotty: 793 Rescue Throw Bag

This easy-to-store throw bag can be added to your boating safety checklist: an essential for new boat owners. The lightweight design makes it easy to throw to an individual stuck in the water. Don't be fooled by the bag's compact exterior, which conceals and releases 50 feet of rescue rope when thrown toward its target. This essential boating gear functions exactly as promised at an affordable price, giving new boaters peace of mind without draining their budget. 

4. Wet Sounds: A-Link Wireless Audio Kit 

For your most musical mate, give the gift of music - in the marina. With this high-tech receiver and broadcasting system, boaters can send music from their boat to nearby vessels and listen to the same tunes at the same time. Choose a radio channel or playlist, then plug the "send" unit into your smartphone's 3.5 mm headphone jack while a friend plugs the "receive" unit into the aux input on their radio, and you'll be tuned in. We love that this audio kit encourages shared listening experiences among friends: whether used on the boat, dock, or even in a home audio system, this marine-grade technology supports both quality sound and quality time. 

5. Inkeeze: Tattoo Ink Shield Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

It’s hard to picture a sailor without a sleeve (or two) of nautical tattoos. This uniquely formulated sunscreen is the perfect gift for a new boat owner who's constantly chasing the sun and their next tattoo. Particularly when used in combination with fishing neck gaiters, which protect boaters from overheating and sunburn, this SPF 50 spray is the ultimate shield against sunburn and tattoo fading. The spray is made of reef- and ozone-friendly ingredients, resists water for 80 minutes, goes on clear, and even smells great. 

 6. West Marine: Marine Fire Extinguisher

No new boater expects a fire onboard - but if they’re ever caught in this situation, the gift of a marine fire extinguisher will be the highlight of their year. This U.S. Coast Guard-approved extinguisher from West Marine can be used for Class B (liquids and gases) and Class C fires (energized electrical equipment). It features an easy-to-read pressure gauge and easier-to-pull safety pin, maximizing safety for new boat owners. If you’d like to add some humor to your safety-themed gift, consider combining a marine fire extinguisher with a beer preserver to keep both brews and boaters afloat. Pro tip: check out the West Marine new boat owner discount, which may help you save 6% on qualified purchases through the New Boat Owner Program.

7. Docktail Bar: Boat Bar

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a new boat owner who appreciates the finer things in life, check out this Docktail® Bar system that will hold all of their necessary equipment: bottles, snacks, tumblers, and even solo cups. The mountable bar features slots for the most important beverages, as well as a removable cutting board for dicing garnishes, cheeses, and whatever else suits your fancy. If given as a group gift, all crew members will appreciate the bar’s variety of beverage slots and spill-proof holders: it's the ultimate boating accessory for a new owner's first dockside party.

8. Morris & Barth: Rigging Knife 

A rigging knife is a traditional gift for a new boat owner. Featuring a 7” forged stainless steel marlinspike, this quality knife kit will quickly become a new seaman’s most reliable companion. The multi-purpose marlinspike can be used to splice rope, untie knots, and form a handle with a temporary knot - also known as a marlinspike hitch. This 8" stainless steel rigging knife includes a flattened handle for prying open deck plates, as well as a splicing groove and built-in shackler slot for opening and closing shackles. The rosewood handle, solid brass rivets, leather sheath, and commemorative storage pouch make this one of the best accessories for new boat owners. 

9. Earth Pak: Waterproof Dry Bag

The newest boat owner in your crew has acquired a bunch of boating accessories and gear: now, where to store it all? We recommend this lightweight and waterproof dry bag from Earth Pak, which fights water and floats. Earth Pak's dry bag is easy to clean and can be rolled at the top, creating a slight inflation that allows it to float in the water. Its thick, waterproof fabric protects valuables and prevents abrasion on screens, glass, and other boating gear. Attached D-rings easily connect the dry bag to the side of a boat or backpack. In the unfortunate event that your phone goes overboard, the bag includes an IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case to preserve your device. Throw in a first aid kit or simply stow away some snacks: either way, the bag comes in 10L and 20L sizes to provide ample space for a new boater’s accessories and essential boating gear. 


A new boat makes a big splash - and even more so when friends celebrate the occasion with a thoughtful gift. Whether you purchase one of the essentials for new boaters or the makings for a boat party, you can't go wrong with any of these top-tier items. At Custom Captain, we believe that gifts for new boat owners should be safe and fun, personalized to the unique needs and values of each captain.