Fishing Boat Accessories Every Fisherman Needs

Fishing Boat Accessories Every Fisherman Needs

Fishing Boat Accessories Every Fisherman Needs

Pick up the latest and best fishing boat accessories today – whether it’s for yourself or for someone special!

From practical items to cool gadgets – it’s time to gear up for your next fishing adventure. There are tons of awesome boating gear and accessories out there, but these items are a must-have for the upcoming boating season (or just a weekend boating holiday!), alone or with some friends. 

Lifesling: Overboard Rescue System

Getting the boat back to the man overboard is one thing. But getting the man thrown into the water back to the boat is another – and far more difficult! Not to mention if said man is unconscious or injured. Having the right gear on the boat improves the odds of rescue, a must-have, especially with the unpredictable nature of the water. Lifesling2's Overboard Rescue System is more than just any floatation device. It's a complete system with a floatation collar, a combination of a horseshoe buoy, and a rescue sling – the most convenient lifting sling if you need to help anybody out of the water.

Mancro: Boat Cover

If you’ve owned a boat for a while, you know there’s always something in need of repair. So, it’s sensible and smart to outfit your ride with a marine-grade boat cover to protect it from all damaging impacts of rain, snow, and the UV rays from the sun. This boat cover will also keep your craft safe from bird droppings, salt air, mold, and mildew – keeping your prized possession clean and long-lasting. This one here is perfect when you keep the boat for long-term storage or when it’s trailered up during travel. 

Gator Guards: Keel Shield

There's nothing worse than getting scuffs and damages on your ride. While the keel of your boat is often made of material that doesn't shatter or break easily, it's not 100% resistant when your boat hits some rocky and rough surfaces. The fiberglass keel can get damaged if it collides against rocks while you are navigating the high seas, but, thankfully, not so much with foolproof keel shields. If your boat is your pride and joy, this keel protector is a must-have accessory before you go out for your next boating adventure. It's ready to install, and you can even get a guarantee for the entire life of your boat.

Garmin: Portable GPS

Whether you are planning to go boating for the day or go exploring for days at a time, a good-quality portable GPS is perfect for navigating the unfamiliar open water. You can always bring your old-trusty map and compass, but in the age of technology, a portable GPS makes route-finding and recording boating adventures so much easier and convenient. Feel safer and more confident with this handheld device designed for marine use – a reliable, accurate, and powerful unit. It's a fantastic investment for boating expeditions. If boating is only a casual recreation, but you still want to splurge, this handheld GPS makes a cool boating accessory too.

Minn Kota: Marine Battery

When you are so far out into the ocean and rescue couldn’t come any quicker, you’ll thank you have a spare battery onboard. Stay safe in the water, even if you’re alone, with the extra power of this marine battery. This battery container is ideal for small boats, a little pricey but worthy pack for every fisherman. 

Aqua Vu: Underwater Camera Viewing System

Who doesn't love looking at the beauty underwater? This underwater camera viewing system allows you to explore the underwater world from the palm of your hand. A fish finder is fantastic, but this viewing system will let you see details that your fish finder can't. This device packs excellent features, from its full-color camera, high-res LCD screen, and wide-field view. It also has an impressive 6-hour runtime, and if that's not enough, there's a rechargeable battery thrown in for an entire day of boating and fishing adventure. 

Minn Kota: Shallow Water Anchor

Unlike a car, parking your boat is a lot harder. It's only going to float away unless you have a trusty hydraulic anchor like this one. The beauty of this power pole anchor is you can keep your boat in place anywhere right away – no need to drop down a heavy anchor or tie your boat into something! It's a shallow water anchor, the only one that can go down as deep as 15 feet, and the only choice with user-selectable anchoring modes. It allows you to park your boat on rough water or even a soft bottom. 

Driftmaster: T-Bar System Rod Holders

You don't need to be a pro to start fishing like a pro! If you go out to fish, you're always going to need a good fishing holder, unless you want to spend hours holding the fishing pole by hand, which no one has the patience for. But why would you get a single pole holder when you can get a T-bar system that can hold four at once? You don't have to be in a professional tournament to equip your boat with this rigging rod for fishing made easy. 

TRAC-Outdoor: Electric Anchor Winch

Pulling up the anchor is something every fisherman is accustomed to, but it doesn’t make things easier or the anchor any less heavy. But what if there’s a device that can help you dock and set sail safely, easily, and quickly without breaking your back? If you haven’t bought an anchor winch yet, it’s high time to get this electric version. Gone are the times when you need to pull up the anchor with pain in your back. This anchor winch that can support up to 35 pounds will be your best mate the next time you go boating. 

WestMarine: Boat Hook

A boat hook is one of the boating accessories you don't think you need until you look at it and realize you don't have one on board. It's a useful tool every time you go out of the water. But besides docking and undocking, boat hooks are also useful for many tasks. That includes fishing items like buckets from the water, testing water depth, grabbing a gear bag, and pushing yourself off boats or quays you have drifted too close to. If you drop it in the water? No worries because this telescopic boat hook that extends up to 8 feet floats. 

Stohlquist: PFD Life Jacket

The open water can be rather unpredictable, and it's wise to gear up any time you go out there. Keep yourself or anybody else going boating with you with the best fisherman's PFD life jacket – water safety and comfort in one. Made of 500 denier Cordura shell and 200 deniers Oxford liner, this flotation jacket is durable, breathable, and lightweight. It can keep you safe should you go overboard. It also comes with loads of storage and pockets to keep little things are essentials close. 

Moeller Marine: Comfortable Seating

The chances are that the seat of your new boat won't be as comfortable once you spent hours sitting on it waiting to catch a fish. But the great thing is, it can be up for an upgrade, one that can make your total boating experience as comfortable as possible. This heavy-duty boat help seat is double-walled and seamless, but that's not all – it's ultra-comfortable too! When it comes to design, it's simple and elegant and would match any boat design. But when it comes to comfort – it ticks all the boxes. It's solid for support in rough seas with excellent back support. 

OPT7: Boat Interior LED Lighting Kit

Do you think a boat party only needs good music and drinks? You've got it all wrong. Nothing would complete a boat party unless you turn your craft into a mobile nightclub in the middle of the water! This LED lighting kit will make that easy and awesome fishing boat accessory if you're planning to take out some friends into the open water. Here's the most exciting part – it's equipped with exclusive bass-activated technology, meaning the light flashes to the beat of the music!

HoldPeak: Handheld Wind Meter

Let's face it, the weather condition in the open water is tricky at best. But with a trusty device that can help you plan your outdoor activity, like a handheld wind meter, you'll have more confidence every time you go out fishing. This device doesn't only measure wind speed accurately; it can also tell you the temperature, dew point, and humidity and transfer data to your laptop or computer. This boat accessory can be a lifesaver!

RoboCup: Clamp-On Cup Holders

No one ever goes boating without their favorite refreshment, whether it's a cup of coffee, tea, soda, or your top-favorite ale. But every fisherman knows the hassle of not having something where you can put your drink into without spilling anything while out in the water – until this clamp-on cup holder. It won't break, won't rust, and will keep your favorite drink, or two, within easy reach while you wait to catch the fish. Plus, the dual clamping jaws will keep everything secured and tightly in place.