The Custom Captain Drinkware Collection

The Custom Captain Drinkware Collection

We all have our favorite drinkware that we use on a weekly or daily basis. The favorite tumbler or mug that fits perfectly in your hand and holds your drink of choice. Whether that beverage is hot or cold you need reliable drinkware to get you through your day (or week depending on your choice). Here at The Custom Captain we love being able to provide you with totally customizable drinkware that fit all of your beverage needs. From your morning coffee to your afternoon cocktail, we have drinkware that fits every single one of your needs. 

Let’s dive in and explore our custom drinkware collection

Coffee Mugs

If you are like us on The Custom Captain Team, your feet hit the floor in the morning and the first thing you are going for is a cup of coffee. For some, how that mug feels (or keeps your beverage warm) is super important as you start your day! We have several awesome drinkware items that fit the bill perfectly for your morning joe. 

Our traditional Custom Boat Mugs are the perfect regular ceramic coffee cup for those who like to drink their coffee at home before they start their day. The ceramic mug comes in two sizes (11 oz and 15 oz)  so no matter how much caffeine you need to get started in the morning, it’s going to fit in this mug.  But don’t just take our word for it, we have over 100 5 star reviews to prove it.  

“Absolutely love the mug. The Artwork is amazing. Highly Recommend this company.” Lynn D.  

If ceramic mugs are not your style ( we get it, we are always on the go too!) Our Custom Insulated Stainless Steel Mug may be the perfect option for you. Made to keep your drink warm or cold for up to 8 hours, this custom mug is the perfect way to show off your boat. It also has a plastic top lid to avoid any spills and holds up to 10 oz.  

“Every time I order another batch of these mugs,  smiles upon smiles on people's faces always follows. Custom Captain does a great job every time!” Donald D.  

Cocktail Drinkware

When the 5 clock hour hits and you are ready for something with a little more pep than your morning caffeine, our variety of drinkware is perfect for your daily or weekly cocktail. Maybe you want to unwind on the dock with a glass of wine or a mixed drink. Our Skinny Tumbler and Stemless Wine Tumbler is the perfect fit! 


“Absolutely LOVE this company and everything I have purchased from them! I purchased these insulated wine glasses for our yacht and they are perfect! I got 2 different decals so if 2 people were having the same drink, they could tell which drink belongs to which person. Everyone loves them!” Anne B.  

Our Skinny Tumbler and Stemless Wine Glass both have lids making sure none of your cocktail sloshes onto the deck.  

Maybe you feel like celebrating a big event or want to give out souvenirs to guests who stayed on your boat. Our Custom Shot Glass is the perfect way to salute to good times.  

“We love it, and with a houseboat named Happy Hour, a shot glass is the perfect addition to our bar area.” Kimberly M. 

If beer is more of your drink of choice, we have Custom Pint Glasses that are perfect to sip your favorite brew in. Whether you prefer an IPA or an amber ale these glasses are the perfect height to hold your drink in.  

“Perfect glass for the perfect pint!!” David C  

If you want to add a twist to the traditional pint glass, our Custom Glass Can with a Bamboo Lid and Reusable Straw is a trendy and modern way to drink your brew (alcoholic or not!)

“Graphics are awesome. Glass is good quality.” Dianne B.  



Our tumblers are a big fan favorite (and with good reason!) Our best selling Custom 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler keeps your drink hot or cold. Perfect for long days out on the water! This tumbler is so popular that we elevated the original and brought in the XL version that holds 30 oz of your favorite beverage!  

“Awesome cup! Keeps my drinks cold for hours all while I get to look at our boat.” Jonathan W.   

If you want something that has a little bit more variety than the traditional stainless steel options, our Custom Acrylic Tumbler with Straw has a beautiful clear base that allows you to see your boat and your drink perfectly. Having a straw is a must for some and if that’s you this tumbler fits the bill.   

Drinking Accessories

Not only do we have a variety of drinkware pieces for you to choose from when it comes to your cup cabinet, we have a variety of drinkware accessories too!  Whether you are searching for a new set of koozies to put your drink in, coasters to set your drinkware on, or napkins to hand out to your guests during happy hour, we have it all. The best part is that you are able to customize each piece with your boat, however you choose!   

We love our new koozies with our boat name!” Katharine B.  

“Everyone loves these coasters. They are perfect at the lake house.” Dave F. 

Next time you are ready to hit the water, go to the office, or hang out on your dock,  bring a custom drinkware piece to make the experience feel extra special. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder our customers come back time and time again to update their own glasses and gift The Custom Captain’s drinkware collection