6 Fishing Apparel Brands

6 Fishing Apparel Brands

For the modern shopper, online shopping is the #1 way to revamp your wardrobe or retrieve the week’s groceries without leaving the comfort of your couch, bed, or vehicle. For the modern fisherman, the same philosophy applies: today's top brands promise fishing and boating apparel that can be delivered to your dock with a few taps of the finger. 

The difficulty lies in actually selecting the best fishing apparel brands. Although the Internet boasts a rich selection of saltwater and deep fishing apparel, determining the best brand for your specific needs can be a mind-boggling endeavor. As a company that provides high-quality fishing and boating apparel, Custom Captain is well-equipped to help customers sift through the promises of other brands. Today, we present 6 fishing apparel brands that offer durable and customer-approved apparel, ensuring that the first fishing trip of 2022 is comfortable, functional, and, whenever possible, fashion-forward.

Pro Fishing Apparel


Recognized by many fishermen for their extensive line of fishing waders, SIMMS is one of the best fishing apparel brands: not just in Montana, where they meticulously design their products, but across the U.S. Although these waders are a significant investment, the upfront cost represents years of durable use: SIMMS designs their classic waders with GORE-TEX waterproof-breathable fabrics, combined with a hand warmer chest pocket and neoprene stockingfeet with built-in gravel guards. SIMMS also offers a range of fishing footwear for the accident-prone angler. Their wading boots, on-deck boots and shoes, and saltwater footwear - to name just a few - will prevent slips and stubbed toes, whether you’re trudging through uneven terrain or simply strolling along the deck. If you’re looking for a waterproof and spacious carry-on to pack your new shoes and gear, consider perusing the SIMMS collection of fishing packs and utility belts on your way out of the virtual store. 

SIMMS Classic Waders

Classic Waders

If you’re a recreational fisherman and feel overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of SIMMS fishing apparel, rest assured: the brand sells plenty of basic boating apparel such as rain jackets and softshell jackets for both men and women


An internationally recognized fishing apparel brand, AFTCO excels in fishing clothing designed for performance, quality, and reliability in wild weather conditions and harsh coastal environments. For shoppers searching for an environmentally conscious brand, look no further than AFTCO: through their 10% Pledge to Protect and Conserve program, all AFTCO product purchases directly support conservation initiatives. 

AFTCO Barricade Bibs

Barricade Bibs

AFTCO products are field tested and enthusiastically endorsed by professional fishermen. Some of their most popular products include their original fishing short and the Reaper Technical Sweatshirt, which includes a cinch shock cord system designed specifically for bass and saltwater fisherman as they run in their boats at high speeds. AFTCO is known for these thoughtful details as well as its dual emphasis on tradition and innovation: the brand maintains deep roots in their Southern California headquarters, yet constantly introduces new items such as the Reaper Windproof Pullover and the Barricade Bib

Best Fishing Apparel Brands

Salt Life

True to its name, Salt Life infuses their saltwater fishing apparel with life, personality, and practicality. The brand is led by a team of water-goers who are committed to effortlessly combining function and fashion in their products: above all, they envision a world in which boaters and fishermen can easily transition from the boat to the beach. The brand makes this dream a reality with an impressive inventory of performance gear, polarized sunglasses (lifetime warranty included), and even kids apparel for the aspiring angler. The Storm Break Performance Fleece Hoodie is one of our favorite pieces of boating apparel from Salt Life: the hoodie features a built-in face shield and water-resistant fabric, making it a staple piece to help boaters navigate the awkward transition from summer heat to fall chill. Salt Life also designs an impressive variety of boating apparel in women’s sizing for high performance saltwater sports, casual fishing, or just hanging out on the boat.

Storm Break Fleece Hoodie

Under Armour

In our ongoing quest to find the best fishing apparel, Under Armour repeatedly emerged as a top contender. Popular for athletes of all kinds, the brand presents a solid line-up of fishing shirts, shorts, sandals, and even anti-slip fishing shoes.

UA Iso-Chill Brush Line Hoodie

Iso-Chill Hoodie

Fishermen across the Internet sing the praises of the Iso-Chill Brush Line Hoodie. Perfect as a base layer for cooler mornings that transition into hot days, the hoodie is a true lifesaver. According to the brand, Under Armour’s scientists flattened out the fibers of this hoodie and then added some science, resulting in a fabric that quickly pulls heat away from the skin in high-intensity environments. Unsurprisingly, other Under Armour fishing and boating apparel is grounded in the latest materials science: the brand also sells long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts in Iso-Chill material, with several colors to add pops of personality to a minimalist’s wardrobe.

Fishing Apparel for Ladies


An instantly recognizable brand, Columbia is a reliable choice for any angler looking for deep fishing apparel or a casual shirt to add a pop of personality and functionality to a worn-out wardrobe. At Custom Captain, we love their technical long-sleeve with ultra-wicking fabric and UPF 50 sun protection, as well as the classic flannel to toss over your fishing tee after a long day - and don’t worry, the flannel’s sweat-wicking technology has you covered for the late-night beach party. 

Women's PFG Tidal Deflector

PFG Tidal Deflector

To appropriately dress all crewmates, don’t forget to browse the brand’s inclusive array of women’s fishing shirts such as the PFG Tidal Deflector, which prevents uncomfortable heat packing and comes in a gorgeous gradient design. For the kids on the boat, Colombia offers mini fishing apparel including a basic short sleeve and a cool graphic hoodie. Columbia customers are consistently impressed with the softness of their apparel, combined with their vibrant color options and high performance in harsh, wet environments. Judging from the popularity of Columbia’s boating apparel, it’s clear that the average fisherman appreciates softness and color as much as any other customer.

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing


Another tried-and-true boating apparel brand, PELAGIC is known for its top-tier fishing shirts, shorts, and polarized sunglasses. The PELAGIC PMG™ Polarized Mineral Glass Technology represents the highest evolution in marine grade polarized optics, while the brand’s XP-700™ Polarized Lens System promises wearers the most advanced polycarbonate lens in the world. With a pair of these zero-glare and anti-reflective glasses on your face, it’s hard to imagine a crisper view of the water ahead. For a more casual purchase, the brand’s top-selling Baja straw hat includes an internal elastic sweatband to keep you cool while protecting your head and shoulders from sneaky sunburns. Like the other fishing apparel brands on our list, PELAGIC sells high-quality products in men’s, women’s, and youth sizing. Also on the PELAGIC bestseller list is the Madeira Cargo Hybrid Fishing Short: a classic piece of fishing apparel reinforced with pockets for your hands and tools, and subtle-yet-suave color options to meet dress code whether you’re on the boat or out to dinner. 



While it can be hard (and even cruel) to imagine the warmth of summer in the dark months of winter, only a few months remain before the sun returns to brighten your dock. The 6 fishing apparel brands on our list promise high-quality fishing apparel to ensure that you’re on-trend, comfortable, and always functional. Whether you’re a deep-sea fisherman or casual angler, both the summer heat and the winter chill can catch you off-guard - and at Custom Captain, we’re here to ensure that your wardrobe is ready before you are.