22 Gifts For Boat Owners in 2022

22 Gifts For Boat Owners in 2022

When you want to celebrate the boat owner in your life, it can be overwhelming to sift through the internet’s vast array of gifts for the average boat enthusiast. Of course, your boat-owning friend is anything but average: ideally, your gift reflects their passion for boating while serving a practical purpose or providing at-sea entertainment. Whether high-tech, personalized, or humorous, the best gifts for boat owners are always thoughtful and often versatile, with a variety of features that extend their use from the boat to the shore.

Our handy list provides a comprehensive review of various products, ranging from sea snacks to high-tech boat tools, that will help you identify and purchase the best boat gifts for your favorite captain, fisherman, or even yourself (we won’t tell!). We delve into the best boat gifts for avid fishermen, boaters, and watersport enthusiasts, providing all the details you need to win the most sought-after award: Best Gift Giver of 2022. 

Best Boat Gifts

The Navy Knot: Stainless Steel Tumbler Set 

If you know and love a boat-owning couple, this stainless steel and vacuum insulated tumbler set is a meaningful and versatile gift. The tumblers keep beverages cold for up to 9 hours or hot for up to 3 hours, allowing partners at sea to enjoy their favorite drinks throughout the day. The 20 oz cups fit in most cup holders and their sliding lids prevent spills on a bumpy boat ride. The Navy Knot brand is well-loved and trusted by boat owners: their tumblers arrive with a shatter-proof guarantee and a promise to replace any missing and/or unsatisfactory products free of charge.

RTIC: Portable Soft Cooler

To complement your friend’s new tumbler set, consider gifting this durable day cooler from RTIC. The heavy-duty polyester cooler keeps items cold for up to 24 hours, with a zippered front pocket and two mesh side pockets to store extra water, snacks, and small gear. The cooler is perfect for packing a boater’s lunch, comes in a variety of vibrant colors, and is a breeze to clean; it can even be partnered with one of RTIC’s lunch containers or ice packs, which receive similarly rave reviews.

Custom Captain: Personalized Digital Boat Artwork

Looking for a beautiful and affordable rendering of your friend’s boat? Fine art can be pricey, which is why our digital boat artwork offering is a real steal. Our artists will reference a photo of your friend’s boat and transform it into a digital drawing using vector graphics within 3-5 days. The final drawing can be gifted as a poster, canvas, or framed poster. Rest assured, Custom Captain’s artists are detail-oriented and responsive: they offer unlimited revisions to ensure a high-quality drawing of your friend’s beloved boat.

Boat Gadget: 10-in-1 Boat Gadget

Marketed as the only tool a boater will ever need, this 10-in-1 boat gadget is one of the best gifts for boat owners and tool enthusiasts alike. The multifaceted gadget includes beer and wine openers, as well as a safety whistle, fishing line cutter, marine gas cap key, canvas snap opener, and other essentials to cover a boat party or a boat emergency (we’ll hope for the party!). Durable and easy to store using its clever clip attachment, the Boat Gadget will reduce clutter and equip your friend with the tools they’re most likely to need during a day at sea.

Hornet Watersports: Floating Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

With their sporty aesthetic and one-size-fits-all design, these unisex sunglasses are a surefire gift for anyone with a boat. The polarized lenses offer UV 400 protection, shielding the wearer's eyes from glare and tear. If your friend loves boating and extreme watersports, take note: if these sunglasses go flying during an epic moment of water skiing or windsailing, their special air chambers allow them to float on the water. Each purchase includes a custom designed box and microfiber case for long-term care. 

Floating Sunglasses- Polarized Lense and Floats on the Water!

Best Gifts for Friends With a Boat

Better Boat: Boat Scuff Erasers

Even the most careful boat owner will notice random scuffs, dirt, and/or grit on various surfaces of their boat from time to time. A boat scuff eraser is a satisfying gift for both seasoned sea-goers and amateur captains. Used in between deeper cleans or after dock maneuvers gone wrong, the eraser gently lifts away marks from decks, upholstery, walls, consoles, and more. The erasers require no harsh chemicals: simply add water, squeeze to activate, and watch in amazement as the eraser effortlessly removes the remnants of a long day of boating. For the multitasking boater, these erasers can also be used to clean shoes, fishing poles, and tackle boxes, making them a much-needed addition to any detailing kit.

Custom Captain: Dri-Fit Custom Boat Shirt

Once you’ve received a custom rendering of your friend’s boat from our artistic team, why not have the image printed on one of our custom dri-fit boat shirts? A wearable gift is always a hit. Our shirt is made of light and breathable material that blocks harmful UV rays to keep boaters safe and comfortable at sea. The shirt is casual and comfortable enough to wear at dinner or a pre-boating breakfast and comes in five colors, making it an excellent group gift for a tight-knit crew.

Dri-Fit Custom Boat Shirts (Front & Back)

HEETA: Waterproof Dry Bag

For any practical captain or fisherman, a dry bag is the ultimate dream. While perhaps not the most exciting gift, your boating friend will appreciate this durable and waterproof carrier to protect their iPhone, speaker, or even cold beers while navigating the seas. The bags range in size from 10L to 40L and can float on water after the seals are closed. HEETA dry bags are one of the best gifts for your friend with a boat and an overall appreciation for the outdoors: their adjustable shoulder straps and handles make them ideal companions for rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, or any other form of water-prone activity. The HEETA brand boasts countless five-star reviews and many faithful users. Purchasing a larger size is recommended if you are unsure how many items your giftee will store in their bag.

Lanzar: 6.5" or 5.25" Dual Waterproof Marine Speakers

When you’re looking for the best gift for your friend with a boat, consider the gift of music. A thoughtfully curated playlist is one of the keys to a memorable day of boating. These waterproof speakers are designed with heavy-duty polypropylene and treated with resin, making them resistant to water splashes and harsh outdoor conditions. Their high maximum power output (400-watt peak power/ 200 watt RMS) ensures that boaters can still sing along to their favorite sea shanties over the sound of crashing waves. For easy installation, the dual speakers include installation hardware, a mounting gasket, and custom grills for a crisp and clear music experience. 

AKASO: Underwater Action Camera

To help your friend remember the adventures of boating without risking their precious phone camera, this affordable and waterproof action camera from AKASO is an incredible gift. The professional-grade technology shoots high quality video footage in 1080 pixels for about 90 minutes, includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and can withstand extreme weather with its durable waterproof case. Purchase of this camera includes several accessories including the waterproof case, a bicycle stand, a traditional mount, and helmet mounts, allowing the user to try out their camera in different action-packed environments while maintaining its like-new quality. The waterproof camera allows users to dive up to 98 feet deep while recording: a perfect gift for the adventurous and tech-savvy boat owner.

DLGJPA: Quick Drying Water Shoes

While boating may not be the most glamorous gig, there’s no need for boaters to neglect style or comfort. These lightweight water shoes are known for their water resistance and supreme comfort, elevating your friend's shoe game from cheap flip-flops to a high-quality water shoe. The kicks come in a variety of colors and include anti-slip rubber soles, quick drying material, and elastic straps for easy adjusting. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these shoes are light and stylish enough to be worn at the beach, water park, or while playing water sports. 

BABE'S: Boat Care Kit

2022 is the year of skincare and boat care. This Boat Care Kit includes the essential Boat Bright solution, Seat Soap, Spot Solver, and Seat Saver, and an Extreme Performance Towel. Boat Bright, a non-abrasive solution, is one of Babe's best-known products due to its easy-to-achieve yet remarkable results: it quickly enhances the finish of a boat by applying a light wax surface and a UV protectant. All of Babe’s formulas are specifically formulated for the marine environment. They both clean and protect a boat’s surface - and they smell great. For the fisherman or boater who values cleanliness, a cleaning kit may be the best boat gift they receive this year.

Cuisinart: Portable Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat

Elevate your favorite boat owner's grill game with this portable stainless steel grill. The grill is designed to attach easily to a 1.25" square pontoon railing. Whether used before or after a labor-intensive day of fishing or boating, this cooker makes life easy and requires no tools for secure installation. Reviewers note that the grill's 145 square inches of cooking surface will accommodate approximately four hamburgers with room for hot dogs: the perfect lunch or midday snack to satiate a crew during a long day offshore. A drip tray, locking lid, and easy-care handle make this grill a stress-free way to enjoy fresh fish, hamburgers, or other summertime favorites. 

SPORTSSTUFF: Boat Tubing Towable Booster Ball 

Your friend with a boat may spend a considerable amount of time towing other friends on tubes, waterboards, or water skis. Maybe you're one of *those* friends. We're not saying that's the case, but if it is, consider the gift of the Booster Ball Towing System as an act of friendship. The Booster Ball includes a custom tow rope that measures 60 feet in length: the device conveniently keeps the tow rope out of the water to reduce drag, absorb shock, and improve fuel economy. By keeping your friend's tow rope out of the water and generally making their life easier, you'll help them reduce rope spray, avoid "submarining," and enhance the overall performance of their towables - while enjoying the benefits of their friendship for years to come.

Airhead SPORTSSTUFF 53-2030 Boat Tubing Towable 4K Booster Ball Towing System with 2" Webbing, Speed Safety Valve, and Self Bailing Drain Vent - image 2 of 6

Best Gifts for Fishermen

Uncommon Goods: Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

For your friend who loves fishing and a beach bonfire, this campfire roaster makes for a humorous yet useful gift. The flip feature guarantees thorough toasting of marshmallows, hot dogs, or any other experimental snack that your friend deems worthy of a proper roast. The power-coated steel rod is designed for easy cleaning, while the maple handle adds a sophisticated touch to elevate your captain's tackle box.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

The Big Catch: Personalized Fish Fillet Cutting Board

Let’s be real: fishing can get messy. While filleting might be one of the messier aspects of fishing, it’s a crucial step that deserves high-quality products. Why not give your favorite fisherman a high-grade and beautiful cutting board to meet their filleting needs? This maple block cutting board includes a 20-inch engraved ruler and built-in honing tool for easy cutting and can be personalized with 2 graphic options and any 3 lines of text. This is a sentimental and long-lasting gift - particularly for the fisherman who seems to have everything.

Personalized Fish Fillet Cutting Board - 18602

ZACX: Fishing Pliers and Fish Lip Gripper Set

To complement their cutting board, your fisherman will enjoy years of use with this durable set of expertly crafted fishing tools. This ZACX fishing tool set includes aluminum fishing pliers and a fish lip gripper for easy and efficient catch-and-release fishing. The gripper enhances hand strength and reduces fatigue, while the multifunctional pliers can cut lines, remove hooks, tie lines, and more. Many seasoned fishermen are committed to the ZACX brand: once accustomed to the ease and multifunctionality of this set, it's difficult to go fishing without them! Designed for both freshwater and saltwater environments, this is the perfect Valentine’s or Father’s Day gift to replace your fisherman’s well-loved fishing tools.

Garmin: GPS Fishfinder with Transducer

For the tech geek and frequent fisher, this GPS Fishfinder is one of the best sonar products to help them identify their next catch. The high frequency Clear Vu sonar system provides near photographic representations of underwater objects, geologic structures, and fish. This transducer specifically uses Chirp sonar, which creates crisper fish arches and clearer target separation. Boaters can easily navigate with a waypoint map, check their boat’s speed, record water temperature and depth, and mark and return to their favorite fishing spots. The crystal-clear sonar images and intuitive GPS interface make this a top-class gift for anyone who appreciates boating technology.

Plano: Tackle Box System

This Plano 7771 Tackle Box is the Louis Vuitton of the fishing world. Spacious yet easy to dissemble, the tackle box features three removable racks with separate access and a large bulk storage area. It also includes four utility boxes underneath a clear view cover, allowing fishermen to easily access their fishing lures, bobbers, hooks, and other essentials. Although this is a heavier box, its large and visible compartments will help your fisherman quickly grab their tackle before a big catch. The purchase includes a limited lifetime warranty and a nameplate order form to personalize the tackle box for its lucky recipient.


Auntie Nono's: Seafood Seasoning

To complement a fresh catch and maybe even a new grill, the perfect fish seasoning is an easy tuck-in gift for a fisherman with a taste for fine dining. This seafood seasoning combines lemon, paprika, and mustard to create a balanced blend with a tongue-defying kick. Blended with love for any or all seafood, expect this go-to blend to mark the beginning of your fisherman's seasoning collection. For an annual or biannual gift, you can continue regifting this seasoning in sets of 2 or 3, and even supplement it with other seasonings for your favorite pescatarian or grill master. 

Hooway: 7x50 Waterproof Fogproof Marine Binoculars

One of the most versatile items on our list, these binoculars are a must-have for whale watching, offshore hunting, and more. The built-in compass and rangefinder help boaters take accurate bearings in any weather, while the rubber-armored build allows for years of reliable use. The binoculars are completely waterproof and float in water, with a field of view of 396 feet at 1000 yards/ 132 meters at 1000 meters. For our science geeks: a unique BAK4 prism system is responsible for the wide field of view, partnered with multi-coated optics to produce bright and crisp images.

Reference Ready: NautiCards Nautical Knot Tying Kit

If your sailor friend is, quite literally, still learning the ropes, this portable nautical knot tying kit is an essential beginner's guide to boating and sailing knots. The kit includes a waterproof knot guide for on-the-boat learning, as well as two 3' lengths of 550 cord that match the colors on the knot tying cards and a 4" horn cleat for practicing the cleat hitch and midshipman’s hitch.