12 Pontoon Boat Accessories

12 Pontoon Boat Accessories

Owning and enjoying a pontoon boat is a lot better if you have the best accessories on board. There are many gadgets and gear you can attach, depending on how you use a boat. Perhaps, you enjoy taking your friends on a pontoon boat ride, and a grilling attachment is perfect for keeping everyone fed. How about accessorizing your pontoon boat with stereo and LED lights, ready for a night party in the waters?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your pontoon boat or are looking for the best gifts for a pontoon owner, we've got you covered. There’s an endless list of items to make your pontoon boat better and ready for adventure. 

Gear up for the upcoming boating season with some of these favorite pontoon boat accessories. These items range from practical and functional to fun must-haves and downright cool things to customize your pontoon boat with.

12 Must-Have Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon Bar

1. Pontoon Caddy/Table

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A boat caddy is not something that comes to mind first when looking for pontoon must-haves unless you’re in the water and there’s nothing to hold your drinks or plate of food. Getting a boat caddy is perfect for parties and cocktail cruises with some family or friends. They offer a convenient way to serve lunch, dinner, or snacks to everyone. 

If you’re thinking of grilling while on your pontoon boat, prepping the ingredients is also easier with this caddy/table on hand. It’s ideal for serving and beverages of all kinds!

Pontoon Boat Accessories

2. Shallow Water Anchor

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A dependable shallow water anchor is one of the best pontoon boat accessories to have at all times. Pontoon boats can easily become a sailboat, especially when the wind picks up and there’s no way for you to anchor the vessel to keep it in place. A river anchor is simply not enough this time, but this shallow water anchor will get the job done. 

It works in most places where you need to keep your pontoon boat unmovable, even with the harsh current. It’s a super anchor that can drill down into the sand, giving your pontoon boat a rock-solid hold. 

Pontoon Lights

3. Pontoon Lights

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Pontoon boat lights are useful for navigation, especially if you decide on some exciting overnight boating adventure. But they aren't only for that. LED lights in your pontoon boat do more than practical illumination. They are fantastic accessories to give your favorite vessel some style and personality!

So, you wanted to customize your pontoon boat. Adding LED lights are a remarkable way to start that upgrade. For one, they are cheap and easy to install. They are also durable and can match any style or mood you like with their changing colors, all with a single press on the remote. It’s also waterproof, so no worries!

Pontoon Cooler

4. Pontoon Coolers

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Before you set out for your boating adventure, you’d want to ensure you got your pontoon packed with essentials. What are those? Packed lunch, sandwiches, fruits, water, and a few cans of cold beer. Now, you can’t stuff these items in a bag and just lay them on the boat floor. What you need is a pontoon boat cooler to keep your cold beverage chilled for the entire journey. 

But coolers are not only to keep your food and drinks for the day chilled but also to keep the freshness of your catch. If you use your pontoon boat for some fishing game, a cooler is a must-have accessory. Pick one based on your needed storage capacity.

Heavy-duty boat coolers can be an extra seat too!

Pontoon Boat Grill

5. Pontoon Grills

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Nothing says summertime fun with family and friends than grilling outdoors. It doesn't have to be in the backyard, either. It could be in your pontoon boat as you are cruising in the water – just get a dedicated grill you can attach to your pontoon boat.

Surely, after spending a couple of hours swimming in the water, everyone will be looking for some freshly cooked meal. A pontoon grill is unbeatable for keeping everyone fed with tasty burgers, hotdogs, and barbecue. Compact and easy to use – a propane grill would make a fantastic addition to your pontoon boat. It’s also easily removable, so you can store it at home for safety after boating. 

Get something big enough to feed the entire crew!

Pontoon Tube

6. Towable Tubes

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Who doesn’t enjoy being pulled around on the sea or lake while you ride an inflatable tube? 

Young and old, everyone enjoys tubing in the water. It’s one of the best activities to do with family and friends while out on the pontoon boat. If you're thinking of the best way to upgrade your boat with something fun and exciting, and for everyone, towable tubes are fantastic. 

It’s like a banana boat that can fit one to three people, or you can always choose the bigger towable tube that can fit up to five people. Don't worry. It's an incredibly comfortable ride with EVA padding and nylon-covered handles. 

Be sure to bring a pump with you on the boat!

Pontoon Stereo

7. Marine Stereo

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What is a little party with friends in a pontoon boat without some music? Get your boat equipped with the best accessories for more fun and enjoyable time in the water – like marine stereos! 

Once everyone is fed, it’s time to keep the party going, in or out of the water. A marine-rated stereo provides plenty of ways for you to turn up the music, even from your smartphone. It may be small but can get the party flowing like no other, and you can even enjoy apps like Spotify. 

Since it's marine-rated, there are no worries about your stereo system getting damaged. They are water-resistant and have the toughness to handle the typical marine environment.  

Dock Firepit

8. DockSide Fire Pit

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Have you imagined relaxing in front of the campfire, alone or with friends, but this time in the middle of the water? You think it’s impossible, but a pontoon fire pit brings the warmth of sitting by the fire to you, wherever the waves bring you. 

This stainless-steel burner allows you to put a fire right on your pontoon deck without harming your favorite vessel. Thinking of making s'mores while in the middle of the lake? This pontoon fire table is perfect. When not in use, you can also seamlessly convert it into a pontoon table by covering the lid. 

Pontoon Accesories

9. Pontoon Fenders and Bumpers

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As much as decking your pontoon boat with the coolest gadgets to make boating adventures more fun, protecting your vessel is also essential. It’s why fenders and bumpers attached to the railings are must-have accessories for your pontoon boat. 

You want to avoid scrapes and scratches to your boat, especially when docking, but that is always a challenge. Thankfully, pontoon fenders and bumpers make it easier to keep your boat scratch-free every time. They are made of sturdy PVC, designed with reinforced ribs for optimum durability. 

Pontoon Accesories

10. Pontoon Bow Privacy Enclosure

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Let's face it. Pontoon boats don’t offer that much privacy or protection from the extreme heat of the sun or rain whenever you need it. Thankfully, there are several ways you can customize your vessel to your preference. 

Is some sort of privacy what you want? Get a pontoon bow privacy enclosure, a useful pontoon boat accessory to give you comfort and convenience. It easily fits in your vessel’s bow area and comes with a zippered entryway and mesh windows. 

Plus, it easily sets up and breaks down in minutes!

Bungee Lines

11. Bungee Dock Lines

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Dock your boat safely and securely afterward with the best dock lines in the market. If you want to leave your boat unattended for a while without any worry of it floating away, bungee dock lines are the best pontoon boat accessories to have. 

You can always go old-school and use chains for mooring, but why should you? They are incredibly heavy and don't have any stretch in them. Bungee dock lines, on the other hand, have strength, floating ability, and high-tension resistance. They are chemical resistant, rustproof, and you won’t need any assistance with docking the boat since they are lightweight. 

Pontoon Boat Cover

12.  Pontoon Boat Cover

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After docking, it’s important to keep your boat secure and covered when left for an extended period. Besides adverse weather conditions, there are also risks of theft and vandalism. A pontoon boat cover is an essential accessory to help increase your vessel’s lifespan. 

But not all boat covers are the same. Pick one designed for optimum durability and can handle the harsh marine environment. Choose a boat cover with UV protection, excellent water repellency, mildew resistance, and all-weather resistance. 

Any of these pontoon boat accessories are designed to add a little excitement and fun, not to mention versatility and usefulness, to your next boating adventure.